David Israel

David Israel

 Austin, Texas, USA

Folk/anti-folkish pop melodies and intentional and spirited rock arrangements are combined with catchy, thought-inspiring lyrics and a diy art ethos in David Israel's musical creations.


After a stint at Bard College in upstate New York, studying with Laurie Anderson collaborator Bob Bielecki and experimental composer/Village Voice writer Kyle Gann,�David two-stepped on down to Texas, exploding onto the indie/folk rock scene with the EP These Are the Clothes We'll Wear When We're Old.� Since then he has toured both US coasts and in between, working as a preschool teacher, sharing the stage with Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), Laura Gibson, Sunshine Fix (Elephant 6), Vivian Girls, Peter and the Wolf, Jeffrey Lewis, The Shivers, Balmorhea, Weird Weeds, Delorean, , Picastro (Polyvinyl), Arrington Di Dyonso and many other like-minded folks. ���
With his cohorts in sound, he will attend the 2010 SXSW Festival with an official showcase.With his deep and dynamic voice, David Israel's music has been described as "caustic garage folk", himself a "folk rocker" who "pens delightful, lovelorn folk songs" and "sounds eerily like Calvin Johnson joined the Silver Jews" (Austinist).�� Using his knowledge of theory and practice playing with experimental mediums, but without abandoning D.I.Y. folk ethics and an avant-americana ethos, David and collaborators explore a variety of genre-whatchamacalits including experimental pop,�indie classical, psychedelic art/folk, and organic rock n' roll.�
�November 2009, Natrix Natrix Records released David�s first full-length album, Say Goodbye To Sorry, on limited edition 180 gram vinyl LP as well as for digital download. �


Say Goodbye to Sorry (2009) - Vinyl LP/digital download - Natrix Natrix Records�
Recorded in Chicago by Kris Poulin (Pinback, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Jim O' Rourke) and in Austin by Michael Landon (the Sword, Bill Callahan, Neil Michael Haggerty and the Howling Hex); mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering (Sufjan Stevens, Deerhunter).�
Super Cali Fragile Mystic (2007) - CDR - Soda Pop Sounds�
These Are the Clothes We'll Wear When We're Old (2006) � CD/digital download - Soda Pop Sounds�
in Texas Top
Recorded and mastered at Superpop Studios by Seth Gibbs.�
Starfruit Compilation� - 2009 CD Compliation - Soda Pop Sounds �
Also features Sunset, Jonny Corndawg, One Happy Island, Wild Moccasins,�Woozyhelmet, Moth!Fight! and more.�
Natrix Natrix Compilation Tape - 2007 Compilation Tape - Natrix Natrix Records�
Also features Deer Tick, Viking Moses, Adam Lipman, Spenking (Dirty Projectors), Mandarin Dynasty, and more.�
Jana Hunter � Carrion � 2007 EP � Gnomonsong/Woodsist
David Israel performs backing vocals on the track "There's No Home".�
Lonnie Eugene Methe � Untitled - 2007 LP - Unreleased
David Israel performs guitar and keyboard on Lonnie Eugene Methe's (Mountain Goats, Simon Joyner, Saddle Creek) as yet to be released album.�
Leatherbag � Love Me Like the Devil � 2006 EP � Superpop Records
David Israel performs backing vocals.�