David Jay Band

David Jay Band


What would happen if Bill Withers did an acoustic show? The answer would be David Jay. He has a smooth voice and catchy, clever, songs.


The facts of my life are quite inconsequential. But if you are really interested, then I’ll tell you.

I was born on September 6th to a family that had little musical talent. I was fed mostly Elvis Presley and the oldies of 50s and 60s until I was about 10 when I could figure out a radio. I started playing music early on and continued into high school. When I didn’t get into the musical university I wanted, I bought a bass guitar. After learning bass on punk rock songs, I switched to metal and then on to more classic rock and vintage metal. After conquering the bass guitar I switched to acoustic guitar, where I realized that learning songs for women got me attention. I would take requests from ladies and my repertoire grew from Black Sabbath songs to Dave Matthews Band.

After watching a Tom Petty concert, I got the bright idea to write my own songs. I thought to myself, “If he can do it, so can I.” I didn’t really understand what it took to write songs but I still tried anyway. People generally seemed to like the songs, but I was always unsure of my song. I would do home recordings not knowing anything and thus the product sounded well, terrible.

In my late college years, I teamed up with some other musicians and was in a band for a while. We did some shows and I got the taste of what it meant to be on stage. I was hooked from then on. Eventually that band broke up and I’ve been trying to do something ever since.

Musically, my influences run the gambit, from Metal to Reggae, to Swing, to Classical to the Blues, to Jazz. From Pearl Jam to the Kinks, from Neil Young to Stevie Ray Vaughn, from Dave Matthews Band to The Bad Plus. Whoever. It doesn't matter as long as it's good.

This latest release “Last Ditch Effort” might be my 20 something swan song. It is the best material I’ve written in the past three or so years and I am still tweaking the songs. I have put my heart and soul into every note, lyrics and melody and it still changes.

I hope you enjoy it.


Last Ditch Effort- November 2007.

Set List

Man Down
She Says
Helpless by Neil Young
Rescue Me
One Too Many
The Wait
Something by The Beatles
Do it Again
Mind Over Matter

Songs are anywhere from 2:30-3. It depends on how I am feeling a particular song.

I do a very stripped down version of "Something" by the Beatles. It's the version that George did as a demo.