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Oh Come Back to My Dreams

Written By: David Morris

I often wonder how,
Since we first took that vow,
And ev’ry day was full of joy and laughter,
That dreams of wedded bliss
Could end in hopelessness
And all we got was happ’ly never after.

Oh come back to my dreams again,
Because my dreams are all about you,
My nights are lonely, dear, without you,
Without you, by my side to dream my dreams with me.

I knew, that sad affair,
Would leave us in despair,
And yet I left my judgment back in Texas,
Perhaps the city lights,
Distorted wrong and right,
And I did all those things to hurt and vex us.

Chorus …

When you walked out on me,
I thought that I’d be free,
And life would be an endless round of playtime,
But you knew I’d be wrong,
It didn’t last too long,
And all I ended up with was dismay time.

Chorus …