David J. Sutton

David J. Sutton

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When I hear new age music, I think of Yanni. Basically who I compare my music to. My music flows, its, relaxing and keep you interested in what's coming next. I believe in quality not quantity. Every song comes from the heart. I compose for no more then the love of music.


Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, let's forget about the stereotypical poor humble musician upbringing, that's simply not David's background. Also ignore the all too common "growing up disadvantage" this simply doesn't apply in David's case. David Sutton simply has had it all from the beginning. Talent, good looks, glowing red hair and born into a thriving children's clothing apparel business owned by his family located throughout New York and New Jersey of which he manages and has significantly added more revenue and financial growth to the bottom line.

While his parents (no single parents here) insisted on highly rated academic standards, David followed this intensive schooling regimen but strayed slightly due to his musical ear and start playing the piano during lunch break and successfully composed his first song.

With family money and backing plus moderate fame (winning American Idol Online) David has enrolled and is currently attending the prestigious Julliard School of Music where he is studying a wide range or related subjects, namely music production and music theory amongst others.

While David's pedigree is rich and it is known he comes from a wealthy upbringing, he like Donald Trump has not rested on the families laurels but has stretched the envelope of success and is on the threshold of building his own musical legacy and empire like the Donald


For you MY Love

Written By: David J. Sutton

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