David j Taylor

David j Taylor


David is best knows as an award winning record producer but is also a highly prolific recording/performing artist in his own right (13 albums released 93-08). David performs mostly as a one-man-band-looper but sometimes rocks out with full band (Kim Fontaine, Jay Semko and Charles Dumont).


Recording Artist/Songwriter: David has released 13 albums 1990-2007. He has toured Canada over 25 times in that period and has appeared at numerous music festivals (notables: The South by Southwest Music Festival, The Regina Folk Festival, Smithers Music Festival, Flatland Music Festival, The Howe Sounds Music Fest, Music Waste Festival etc.). David performs a la Imogen Heap --- real-time looping, live-multi-tracking, 16 part vocal harmonies, beatboxing --- the works! He's toured/shared driving responsibilities with: Jasmine Whenham, Tom Holliston, Geoff Berner, Michelle Boudreau, Interstellar Rootcellar, Kim Fontaine and others. Over the year he has shared billings with: The New Pornographers, Wide Mouth Mason, Carolyn Mark, The Be Good Tanyas, Tom Wilson, Rae Spoon, Danny Michel, Limblifter, Ember Swift, Bob Kemmis, Painting Daisies, Linda McRae, Joël Fafard, Odetta, John Guliak, Jay Semko, DDT, Paula Toledo, The Show Business Giants, Linda McRae, The Northern Pikes, Cara Luft, Bobby Wiseman, The Fates, Geoff Berner, Rae Spoon, Tom Holliston, Kris Demeanour and many others. David has Performed live on VTV, CiTR, CTV, CBC TV/Radio, CKUA, MuchMusic et al. David has seen songs he has written or co-written placed in sync with Kyle XY (ABC Family), Degrassi The Next Generation (CTV) and the feature film "Surveillance" by Jennifer Lynch (Producer David Lynch). David has also co-written with numerous artists (Cara Luft, Jay Semko, Ray Whitton, Cary Ciesielski, Kim Fontaine and many others). David is also an award winning record producer/recording engineer with over 70 albums to his credit.



David j Taylor's 13 ALBUM CATALOGUE: 1991-2009: DAVID TAYLOR ALBUMS: "Graphic Profile" (1991), "I'm Pretty" (2000), "I'm Still Pretty" (2001), "My Aren't you Pretty" (2002), "Taylor-Made" (2004), "This Town" (2005) "Don't Throw it Away" (2007) --- With Vancouver's BIG COOKIE: "Just Baked" (1994), "Log Hop" (1995), "Goldenhips" (1997), "Clean" (1998) --- with Regina's DOLLAR STORE MARY "For your listening pleasure" (2001), "self titled" (2002)

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I have a 70 song Catalogue --- at a show anything can happen and often does.