David Kolker

David Kolker


He is transformed into something almost, well, godlike. - Irene Yadao (Village Voice)


Deeply influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck and the "Three Kings" – B.B., Albert, and Freddy – there’s little wonder why David Kolker’s guitar playing has the feeling of royalty. Blending a level of energy, inspiration, and commitment he extends the boundaries of a creative art form in a way that is powerful, pure, and distinctly his own. His mind-blowing solos—perhaps the definitive demonstration of his virtuosity—find him possessed by something remarkable.

Growing up in suburban Northern New Jersey, the youngest of three kids, David Kolker began playing guitar at age 5 - you could say by default. Often hanging around the den watching his older brother’s band rehearse, David was free to experiment with their instruments when they were off at school.

Playing along with albums from Zeppelin, Floyd, the Stones, and Skynyrd allowed Kolker to learn the nuances of the instrument and helped him develop his initial style. While his guitar playing and singing pull heavily from the blues tradition, his songwriting his the function of the music he grew up listening to on American Rock Radio in the late 70’s/early 80’s, creating a sound that his refreshingly modern and at the same time real Rootsy, Aggressive, and Melodic. It has been described as "Urban Americana".

David and his band, consisting of Kolker (lead guitar/vocals), Paul LeFebvre (guitar, pedal steel), Nikolaz Schuhbeck (Drums), and Derek Layes (Bass), has been holding residency at various institutions in New York City. The vibe of these performances has attracted many notable musicians to stop by and sit in with the band - including legendary drummers Bernard Purdie (Aretha Franklin, Jeff Beck, etc.) and Zigaboo Modeliste (founding member of the Meters) and renowned guitarists Mark Whitfield and Melvin Sparks. In addition to the nights David headlines sold out shows at hometown venues The Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory, and The Stanhope House, he has opened for Robert Randolph and The Family Band, Dickey Betts and Great Southern, Derek Trucks Band, and Leo Nocentelli of the Meters among others. David Kolker has established himself as a leader of a new generation of rock musicians keeping the form exciting, vital, and evolving. Bucking the current trend of image-driven music on the scene today they offer a modern, straight-ahead, blues driven rock assault that is honest and pure.

As a songwriter, David Kolker's lyrics speak to the generation X'ers whose ideals and sensibilities are often lost in the "Hollywood" version of what rock acts are supposed to be. His songs tell it straight and give you the feeling that he knows what you're going through as he and the people close to him go through it too. Vocally, he sounds like a young Ray Charles. In fact, he sounds alot like Ray Charles, had Ray Charles grown up playing guitar and listening to Led Zeppelin records. While Kolker sings his songs with a tremendous passion and energy, it’s his beat up guitar that often does the singing for him.



Written By: David Kolker

Verse 1:
I can see you from miles away
Why you running out the door
way I feel about you's
more than I can say

Verse 2:
Watched you slip in with a grin
I'm on needles and pins
for a chance to get close
I don't know if I'm s'posed ta
wait for a sign from your
mouth's open wide
you're suprized.
you're suprized.

That I can find something Beautiful in you
If you let me try
And I can find something Beautiful in you
If you let me try

Solo on Verse

Verse 3:
I can feel you in miles of space
Run my fingers against you
face and turn my memory burns
I need you here by my side
Why you gonna hide

Cause I can find something Beautiful in you
If you let me try
Cause I can find something Beautiful in you
If you let me try
Cause I can find something Beautiful in you
If you let me try
Cause I can find something Beautiful in you
If you let me try


1. Letting Go (2002)

2. Tuesday (2000)

Set List

Up to and anything in-between

1 - 60 Minute Set
2 - 60 Minute Sets
1 - 90 minute Set
2 - 90 Minute Sets

Song List: Originals

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Drink Tonight
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Gilligan's Island
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Mystery Van
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Penny Song
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Sad Little Rocker (SLR)
Said that you'd love me
Soul on Fire
Standing on a Wire
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What's Yours is Yours
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