David Lazaroff

David Lazaroff

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I'm a singer, songwriter, and composer. Most of my music arises out of my meditations. It's mostly about what binds us together as human beings and our life cycle.


After putting away his musical practice for 20 years, music began calling David from within during his meditations.

Much of his music is not easily categorized into a conventional genre. His songs resonate with the listener in a profound way, like something faintly remembered from a dream.

"Tomorrow's Flowers" arose while sitting for meditation after a morning workout. From the silence within, David heard a voice singing, "Long, long, ago before time...". He followed the inspiration and spent the morning listening within and writing this lilting and joyful song of the story of our existence, the cycle of life and our interconnectedness.

For David, writing and composing is a practice of listening to an inner voice that responds to the inspiration of everyday life.


In My Arms

Written By: David Lazaroff

You came into my life.
You walked into my heart.
You gave me your love.
I held you in my arms.

You moved close and kissed me,
Rested your head on my shoulder.
You held me in your eyes.
I held you in my arms.

I walked in my door.
You ran to greet me.
You waited for me all day.
I held you in my arms.

When you were sick
I cared for you.
Until you were well,
I held you in my arms.

When I was sad,
you sat beside me.
You were so warm.
I held you in my arms.

You looked at me,
trusting all was well,
and I loved you.
I held you in my arms.

As I lay sleeping,
you came to my bed.
Your breath on my cheek,
you touched my face.

I loved you!!
You loved me!!
I held you
in my arms!

You grew old,
you grew weak,
you grew frail,
in my arms.

I could not bear
to see your pain
as I held you
in my arms.

Good bye, my friend.
Good bye, my friend.
I can not bear
to see you go.

Thank you for
the love you gave me
in my arms,
in my arms.

Go to sleep now,
take my love with you,
with your last breath
in my arms.

Leave your love
in my heart
as I release you
from my arms.

I loved you!!
You loved me!!
I held you
in my arms!

Forty Years

Written By: David Lazaroff

**Note: in honor of the 40th anniversary of Roberta Flack's release of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"

Forty years have passed since I first saw your face
And the heavens opened and my heart touched the sky.
I knew our love would last forever.
I never dreamed the day one of us would die.

Our children have your eyes;
Eyes that will see beyond our days.
Their children have my laughter.
Our love will live long after our pictures fade away.

My heart beats, filled with your love.
I don't have to say "good bye".
I see you here, all around me,
Where you gave your love, you're still alive.

My tears fall, they want your shoulder.
I hold you in one final embrace.
Thank you for sharing all you had.
It's the last time ever I'll see your face.