David Lewetag

David Lewetag


David Lewetag writes straight-forward rock with a melodic feel.


Based in Pittsburgh, PA, David has varied influences which cross at many points - rock, blues, jazz, alternative.

His music is very original and cannot easily be described as sounding like anybody out there. Just listen - you decide.


Make It Home

Written By: David Lewetag

I won't forget you live
through a photograph
Seems all this time you've
passed by without a glance to me

You've got a mountain
to move with half a heart
Good luck, it's for you
Lock on to this widening storm

You may be gone...
Far away, I hope
You make it so that I can
barely make it home

You made a wall to keep
all the things you hide
I found a hole to give me
a closer look inside

Swept away in tidal waves
Subtle streams of consciousness
Destiny or games to play
Eclipsing shadows that could lead away

For the Way

Written By: David Lewetag

Can you feel this cold fog passing over?
Can tell she wants to go now
She keeps it on her shoulder
But turns away too soon

For the way she leads me over
It's for the way she stays behind

Another morning's over
I can tell she wants to lie on a
pond that's icing over
And it takes me by surprise

For the way she keeps it going
It's for the way she doesn't mind
For the way it never closes
I'm amazed at my desires

She makes me over
She makes me dry

For the way she pulls me under
It's for the way she gets me high
For the way she sinks & wonders
I'm amazed at my desires

And You Were Gone

Written By: David Lewetag

Thought you'd want to keep away from
getting caught without a name
Well, take it!

Just say you'll wait for me and I'll be along
I held on to everything when you were gone

I stretched the string that keeps me pinned
but it won't let go until I bend

I thought 'alive' was never meant to feel
as dry as you are content to fake it

You know you that you won't fall down without a hand
A fine line to push or pull is not what you planned

The world is upside down again
How did we slip into the spin?
Fuck this pitiful version of a day
My mind has sold me out
and turned our failures right to blame

Just say you'll wait for me and I'll be along
I held on to everything when you were gone
...and you were gone