David LK Murphy

David LK Murphy


There is a tension in his music. The tension that rises from singing the unspoken. Like the blues, Murphy's songs are triumphant even in their melancholy. His music bears this out, carrying a subtle joy even as his songs hint at death itself.


Born and raised in New York City, Elkay, as his friends call him, grew up playing cello, drums, a little piano and even some trumpet. Submerged in the lower eastside music scene at a young age Murphy picked up the guitar and started writing songs at thirteen. Like a bluesman waltzing to mozart Murphy's songs are hypnotic and rough, both intimate and candid. Born from a mouth of sharpened teeth and delivered with lilting precision his lyrics draw from poetry and pop alike.


2006 - Goodbye (6 song EP) : "A secret little gem."-Sentimentalist Magazine (issue 21)

2004 - Home To You (minor release)

Set List

The set depends on the venue, supporting acts, and set length. The material is robust and can be played electric or completely acoustic.
No covers usually, although some interesting takes on Joy Division are in the works.