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David Llewellyn

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
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"Grand Prize Winner"

Link to Americymru - http://americymru.ning.com/
An American Welsh online social network.
An interview regarding my 2008 John Lennon Sonwriting Contest win
- Americymru

"A Fantastic Album Filled With Strong Songs"

Once again do NOT judge a CD by its somewhat dull cover - this man is genuinely fantastic. As a friend so rightly put it, “Wow, a Welsh man who can sing country!” I had to smugly agree. I knew us Welsh had it in us. Recorded in Nashville you would expect this album to have a certain smattering of country influence, although this can be felt in certain songs. I would have to suggest that this album is an unashamedly good acoustic, rootsy play.

David’s voice belies his years and with an impressive vocal range his talent allows him to glide through songs with impressive ease. But it’s not only the voice box that shows promise, but having written, or had a strong hand in 11 of the 12 tracks. David’s songwriting shows maturity and scope that obviously comes from experience. A personal favourite on the album has to be "Must Be Doing Something Right” which boasts a slight surprise in the first few lines, although I’m keeping schtum as to what that is - and Old Junk Drawer offers a sentimental perspective on broken relationships. Also included is a traditional Welsh song, Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn that provides an opportunity to project a convincing accent, whilst Just Go is an appropriate ending to an extraordinary album. An enjoyable record from a man with definite talent. Did I mention David was Welsh? I did? Good. - ER - MAVERICK Issue 37

"David Llewellyn (self-titled CD)"

C'mon, I know you do it - when you're alone in the car, you slip on country radio when your folk music friends aren't around because you like the solid songwriting and cleverly told stories.

David's CD is just the ticket for you and you don't even have to keep your desire secret; this Nashville songwriter effectively straddles the line between country and folk.
With an expressive baritone voice he could sing your grocery list but fortunately, his well-written songs and tasty arrangements are much more interesting. He wrote or co-wrote every cut except one: Patty Griffin's "Long Ride Home." (David also added English lyrics to the traditional Welsh song, "Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn," a tragic tale of lost love.)

"The Way You Make Me Feel" is a great rhythmic love song with a bit of slightly annoying falsetto but the rest of the piece is executed well. Most of the other songs center on lost love, like "Too Many Hours," and the banjo-driven "Best Not Go There Again." "I Don't Think I Can" is as solid as a country hit but without a heavy dose of twang. If you're fed up with your relationship, then "Just Go" is the perfect release. It's more biting than the other songs, with the roar of Kenny Vaughn's electric guitar and Dana Cooper's searing harmonica. It's one of those songs you'll want to play over and over again during a break-up.

- Jamie Anderson - SING OUT! Vol. 48 #4


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"Quite beautifully done"
"Of course, you can take the boy out of the valley . . . but you can't take the valley out of the boy"
Frank Hennessy - BBC Radio Wales

"effectively straddles the line between country and folk"
"With an expressive baritone voice he could sing your grocery list"
Jamie Anderson - Sing Out!

"Quite a scorcher - well done all round"
Len Holton - Little Rock Folk Club

"David writes songs that speak to the best in us all, sung in a voice sweet and soulful"
Dana Cooper

"David has the ability to write songs that drawn you in lyrically, and keep you going musically - he creates an emotional landscape"
Blair Larsen. KUSU – Utah Public Radio

"One of my top five favorite writers and performers on the planet."
Candace Randolph, Two-time Grammy Award Winning Songwriter
"Lost In The Lonesome Pines" Jim Lauderdale/Ralph Stanley

"David Llewellyn's songs are an exciting and beautiful blend of American and British acoustic musical styles. With a baritone as smooth as butterscotch and a skillful guitar groove, David can deliver both up tempo numbers and tender ballads with poetry and humor"
Melissa Javors

"David’s really handy. He writes great songs and sings his ass off"
Craig Carothers

"David Llewellyn's music is just plain COOL. Whether he's rockin' or reflecting, his grooves are infectious, his songs are amazing and his voice is powerful and evocative. He's utterly confident as a performer and really brings the room to life. He can't sing "Best Not Go There Again" often enough for me!"
Deanna Walker - Director, Blair Songwriting Program, Vanderbilt University

"David Llewellyn makes friends with only the best melodies. When you hear his songs, they become your friends too"
Steve Christopher, President - Austin Songwriters Group

"I could listen to David all day - he sings with an effortless power that is irresistible"
Kathy Hussey – Kerrville New Folk - Quotes


CD - "Limited Edition" 2007
Original songs from Wales - acoustic/Celtic
DabHand Records DBR 224

CD - "David Llewellyn" (self-titled) 2004
DabHand Records DBR 187
Produced by David Llewellyn and Jack Sundrud

CD - "The Complete European Tour - 75"
Re-released 1999
"Live" duo album with Christopher "Modog" Kelly

Live podcast - "songs and conversation" - recorded December 07 with Jeffrye Glenn Tveraas.
Copy this link: http://www.austinconnection.net/MP3/58_AC_DLlewellyn.mp3



GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the prestigious 2008 JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST- Folk Category - with the song, "Take Us Down."

Winner 2007 - "New Folk" competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival, and a MAINSTAGE PERFORMER this year.

Winner 2008 - W. C. Handy Music Festival, Muscle Shoals.
Finalist 2008 - U.K. Songwriting Competition - Folk/Country category.

Coal dust and the small coal mining valleys of South Wales supplied a down to earth upbringing whose values and early lessons he still holds dear. But at seventeen, with a jacket and guitar in hand he left home to begin what has been a lifelong passion. The workingman’s clubs of South Wales, the same anvil that forged Tom Jones, became the proving ground, the trial by fire, and a successful 10 year career followed for David as a singer.

By the late 80’s, the UK had become all about computers, drum machines and samplers, but a chance listening to a Randy Travis CD, full of acoustic instruments and a more organic heart felt approach to music, sparked an interest in the American music scene.

Arriving in ‘91, David dived into a career as a singer/songwriter and a move to Nashville to sign with a Music Row publisher followed in ‘96. “But at some point I realized that I had not returned to Wales in 10 years, and as soon as I took my first breath of the valley’s air . . I knew that although the wonderful songwriting cities of Austin and Nashville may have honed my skills, and taught me the “craft”, it was Wales, it’s Celtic traditions and working class communities, that I had to draw from for my inspiration, and that has increasingly drawn me back to my roots. I was part of the first generation not to go down the mines, and I’ve always felt thankful for that.”

The inclusion of one of David’s original songs about a young child’s first day working “underground”, and his father’s heart breaking thoughts, touched a general nerve at this year’s “New Folk” competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival, and gained David a winning spot in 2007. The Texas festival has become a regular place of pilgrimage for David - he is a Main Stage performer this year - and his songs and rich baritone can be heard long into the predawn hours around many a campfire.

His first US released CD “David Llewellyn” (2004) quickly gained top 10 radio plays on the FolkDJ charts and has proved a fast seller at gigs and house concerts around this country and back home with tours in Wales, Ireland and the UK.

In December 2007, David released "Limited Edition," a CD of live guitar/vocals made up of songs about his upbringing in the culture of Wales. Additional touches were added by the talented Celtic multi-instrumentalist/producer, John Mock. A limited run of these were manufactured, which have quickly sold out. (copies are available for review and submissions)

David is currently in the studio recording additional tracks and adding some familiar faces on harmony and instrumentals before this CD will go into full production. A national/international release date and full radio promotion/tour will follow.