David-Logan Brooks

David-Logan Brooks


David-Logan Brooks is a multi-faceted entertainer. Thanks to his remarkable stage presence, he immediately connects with an audience and commands their attention. DLB's combination of emotional lyrics and catchy melodies linger beyond his performance, leaving the crowd pumped and screaming for more.


David-Logan Brooks has a style that is all his own. By fusing his original vocal style together with Rock-laden “Funk pop” tunes, he creates melodies that are both appealing and lyrically mastered. When taking the stage, he immediately commands the attention of his audience, captivating them with his stage presence. From the first note to his final breath, he blends raw emotion with enduring energy that leaves the crowd exhausted and fulfilled, but always ready for more.
He began his musical journey when he was only 5 years old. As time went on, he realized that this was more than just a hobby, and he decided to pursue music as a career. By the age of 18, David-Logan had already built a local following in his hometown of Jonesboro, AR, had competed in many talent competitions, and had begun recording in Nashville, TN. Then in 1999, after auditioning for the ABC television show “Making the Band,” he secured a slot as one of the top 25 finalists and appeared on the show. From that appearance, he gained a bit of a cult following. Since then he has continued to add more people to his current fan base (he performed in front of 14,000 people on NYE 2004 in Tampa, FL).
Recently, David-Logan won a talent competition called “Florida Idol.” He performed many different styles throughout the contest, but it was the original tune, “I Love you,” that sold both the judges and the crowd. A writer from the age of 16, he has a vast collection of original music at his disposal. He not only works to create melodies that are both fun and infectious, but he also composes lyrics that liberate the passion buried deep within the human soul. The inspiration for such material is drawn from his own experiences and inner struggles, as well as his overwhelming determination and enduring strength.
Over time the music has evolved, but his goal remains simple and true; to write music that provokes thought and inspires the soul in addition to entertaining the masses. He hopes to be known for his solid lyrics, unique sound, and undying energy.
David-Logan is one of the few artists of our time that possesses the essential gift of universal marketability in which people naturally gravitate toward, regardless of what musical genre they favor. Thanks to his lyrics, vocal style, and mesmerizing stage presence, he will no doubt push himself beyond stardom only to become a living legend.



Written By: David-Logan Brooks/Dax Baumgartner

I’m looking for a lover that nobody has
Perfection wrapped inside of a promise
I’m trying hard to find this girl in my dreams
But at times it feels like my search is hopeless
Fumbling through the darkness, consumed by my thoughts
Frustrated, cause it feels like I’m nowhere
The night is growing colder, I’m restless and tired
But I’ve got to keep believing she’s out here

Someone who cares, someone who knows
Someone who feels the way I do inside
Someone who sees the best in me
She’s got to be the one true love of my life

I need to find a path that can lead me away
Away from all the hurt and deception
I want to end my search and know she’s somewhere near
But I’m struggling with my heart’s apprehension
Traveling all alone has left me sad and confused
My stomach turns and my head is reeling
For temporary joy I find a one-night stand
But I know she can’t replace what I’m seeking

Repeat Chorus:

And in spite of all my doubts and all of my frustrations
I’d walk a million miles without any hesitation
Cause, I guess I still believe that I’ll find my inspiration
And then I’ll hold her close, yeah she’ll be my liberation
Guitar solo:
Yeah ---
Someone who cares, someone who knows
Someone who feels the way I do inside
Someone who sees the best in me
She’s got to be the one true love of my
Someone who cares, someone who knows --
Someone who sees the best in me –
Someone who cares, someone who knows –
Someone who sees the best in me –
She’s got to be--


Written By: David-Logan Brooks/Dax Baumgartner

The style of my hair, these clothes I bear
My shirt, my shoes, my jewelry, all the stuff I wear
The sound my voice, makes when I sing
It seems like everybody wants to judge everything
But I got to be, who I be
Even if it’s not a hit with the majority
I’m not like you, I don’t want to be
I like my individuality
Well, it might seem strange, but you’ll find that it’s true,
I live my life the way I’ve always wanted to.

The way I dance, the bump in my grind
All these jealous fools around me criticize
Because I shake it, yeah, I can move
You know I like to lace my jam with some attitude
They don’t like my style, I don’t give a damn
I‘m alive and I’ll survive because of who I am
Repeat Chorus
It would be easier to follow the crowd
Do what they say, and make them proud
But I refuse to pay their dues
And to lose my countless views for someone else’s crew
(Repeat Chorus twice)
Tag: I live my life the way I’ve always wanted to

Get Up

Written By: David-Logan Brooks/Dax Baumgartner

Get up, don’t ya wanna party
Baby, don’t ya wanna do it now
Get up, don’t ya wanna party
Feel the funk and get loud
Get up, don’t ya wanna party
Can’t you feel the groove
Get up, don’t ya wanna party
And make your body move

The moon is rising and it’s time to go
It’s time to get out on the dance floor
Well, I’ve worked all day, I’ve got a lot on my mind
So, I wanna take you out tonight
Yeah-ee-yeah, Get up, Get up, Get up Get up
Let’s move, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up
Well you look so good, yeah you look so fine
Your body must be working overtime
Well, you drive me crazy with your smooth advance
You know it’s time to go out and dance

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, the night is young, and baby we are to
And this is something that we both want-to-do
So, let’s head to the clubhouse, where the beat is strong
So we can –uh, uh, uh, uh – party ‘til the break of dawn

(Repeat Chorus)

This night - is ours to lose control
Body, mind, and so-ooh-oul
So, let’s get out on that floor--------yeah

(Music break)
Oh, yeah, Get up don’t ya wanna party
Get up, don’t ya wanna party
Get up, don’t ya wanna party
Get up, don’t ya wanna party

Repeat chorus

Get up, Get up!


Forever Changed - LP

Set List

DLB's sets range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half with all original material and one tribute montage to Queen. Full set list is provided below:

Someone lead-in
Letting Go
Forever Changed
Not the One
Bird of Prey
Think About It

Queen Medley
*(Another One Bites the Dust/Fat Bottom Girls/We Will Rock You/We are the Champions/Somebody to Love)

Get Up
The Clubhouse
All I Wanna Say