David LoVine

David LoVine

 San Jose, California, USA

David LoVine is the foremost "shantyman" on the West Coast, a riveting performer who writes and sings work-songs about life aboard tall ships. An accomplished musician and actor on both stage and screen, he has sailed the Pacific seaboard as shantyman aboard the historic brig LADY WASHINGTON.


David LoVine's music career is both varied and long. Born in San Jose, he has played trombone at Cupertino H.S, De Anza C.C., San Jose State and in the 33rd US Army Band,Heidelberg,Germany; was an actor and musician with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland; moved to Seattle, became a citizen of "Cicely",Alaska and played bit parts in the TV series �Northern Exposure�; and works aa a �roadie� for the rock band Los Lobos. He is also an excellent cook, which landed him a job on the fishing boat STINGRAY in the fall of 1990. At Friday Harbor, he first laid eyes on the LADY WASHINGTON, a faithful replica of the first American sailing ship to reach the Northwest in 1787. LoVine soon signed aboard for a lengthy tour of duty as cook and shantyman. The job entailed both education and acting, since the crew provides �living history� for tourists and schoolchildren alike. David�s adventures aboard the LADY WASHINGTON ranged from the mundane (daily tourist trips up the Chehalis River), to the surreal ( appearing in the STAR TREK: GENERATIONS movie), to the terrifying ( the accident in which a Columbia River railroad drawbridge was lowered onto the LADY WASHINGTON while she passed underneath, nearly sinking the vessel). David left the Northwest scene in the late 1990�s to live in Germany and California, but returned in February 2007 as a faculty member for the first-ever �Sea Shanty Camp� at Port Townsend, WA. There he reestablished old relationships, and made many new friends and fans. He has scheduled a concert tour of Washington and British Columbia for February-March 2009 and is a regular Voice at San Francisco's HYDE ST PIER Shanty Sings on the 1st Saturday of each month.

The songs on David's CD �Pierhead Jump� tell stories of life aboard LADY WASHINGTON, with modern events lovingly described in the archaic shanty style of the 18th century. The album was recorded in 1995 by Rob Folsom at OMB Studio in Port Orchard, WA. David is backed by �The Mortal Coilers�, shanty-singers and instrumentalists drawn from the ranks of the LADY WASHINTON's crew and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. They include Sue Carney, Janet Naylor, Pat O�Scannell, Brenda Pleasance, Hank Cramer, Jake Jacobsen, Tony Latimer, Matt Moeller, Carol Mann, Tania Opland, Gordon Sims, Pat Thompson, and the late Steve Guthe. The original release sold out long ago, but Ferryboat Music has re-released the CD in response to continuing demand for David LoVine�s music.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call David LoVine at 408 646-3754. If he is on the road or otherwise unavailable, call kit McLean at 509 996-3527.
To get information about the LADY WASHINGTON call 1-800 200-LADY


CD: "Pierhead Jump", 1995, 2007

LADY WASHINGTON CREW TRIBUTE Music video at http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=ke51T0LBnTE


Set List

Typically two 45-minute sets, or one long set (60-70 minutes) depending on the needs of the venue and audience. Song selection is evenly balanced between original compositions and traditional sea-songs as well as English and Scottish dance tunes played upon the concertina along with some stories of the journey along the way...