David Lucky

David Lucky

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Straight off the mean streets of the south side of Beverly Hills, California, David Lucky is a witty musical performer who conveys universal themes from a fresh and unique perspective. This is evident in his poignant love songs (such as "Blue" and "The World Went On") or social commentary (such as "There Goes the Neighborhood"). He has been known to use unconventional characters as well: the Republican Elephant lamenting the current state of his party ("Elephant Has Left the Room"), a restless b


Growing up, I was always a very big fan of Cole Porter, Randy Newman, and Tom Lehrer. I loved the way they expressed common everyday emotions and fears, and presented them in such a unique way. I also love their word play. It introduced me to a whole other way to look a writing a song. And that's the style all my music is rooted in. On the surface I'm singing about a melting ice cube - but underneath the song's about the fear of being forgotten. I don't like writing comedy songs, just for the sake of it. To me the song has to touch on something more meaningful that then becomes funny. So far my show has been well received on the comedy circuit. I've been a writer for National Lampoon, and currently I'm writing on the Mind of Mencia. Comedy Central also shot a one hour pilot of my show. As far as the show goes, occasionally I will bring along guest. Usually always a guitar player, but sometimes I like to included another musician who plays Sax/Clarinet/Flute. I look forward to getting the opportunity to play in the showcase think I would be very successful on the college circuit, cause it's a funny show that's different than anything out there.


"Kill'em With Kindness"

Set List

Kill 'em With Kindness
School Boy Love
There goes the Neighborhood
Too Little Too Late
I'm Sorry You Fell In Love with Me
The Elephant Has Left the Room
Leaving the Country Western Song
Big Fish
Old Jokes Home
Learning As I Go
Encore: Lost Without You