David Luther

David Luther

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

David Luther brings the inspiration of spirit mind and body to the stage of indy inspired pop/rock. The words and music stir up the hope that rests at the bottom of your stomach and the tip of your heart. With inspirations from dylan and U2 to Kings of Leon and Live, its a unique heart and sound.


David Luther recorded his first solo EP with Nashville producer Neilson Hubbard in 2009. This EP featured female artist Garrison Starr, as well as the acclaimed drummer Andy Hubbard and guitarist Kris Donegan. With influences such as Kean, Dylan and Matthew Perryman Jones, the EP gives a wide glimpse in to the depth and style of this artist. Songs like “Does it really matter” and “Your heart can’t keep it down” show the relentless hope that lies at the very heart of the human spirit. David is currently in the studio with Tom Whitlock and Brandon Mashburn working on a new record that may prove to be some of his most defining work. Whitlock is well known for his writings in songs like “Take my breath away” and “Danger Zone” from the movie Top Gun. Mashburn has worked with bands like Shinedown, Trust Company, and Matchbox 20, as well as up and coming female artist Pfeifer Brown. The record also features drummer Adam Mcgrath of Flick and The Cardigans. The new record displays collaborations with Luther, Whitlock, and Mashburn on songs like “The world’s goanna change”, that challenge the lines between ballad and anthem, between the dream and the sidewalk.


The Nashville EP (produced by Neilson Hubbard, and featuring Garrison Starr)

The Springfield EP (coming soon)

Set List

9 lines
6 lines minimum;
side fills prefered
no other special requirements
fees and guest list vary with distance
band may provide FOH soundman