David M

David M

 Kingston, Kingston, JAM

David M. is not an artist that you'll easily forget. His velvety voice and uplifting messages will linger in your heart long after the last note has been played.


David M. is not an artist that you'll easily forget. His velvety voice and uplifting messages will linger in your heart long after the last note has been played.

David M. says though he was destined to make music, his career has endured numerous setbacks, none of which, however, have deterred him from his dream of becoming an internationally recognized recording artist.

Starting out on the piano at age six, he spent most of his childhood singing and playing in front of live audiences. Says David, “My early days were characterized by music lessons twice a week and playing piano in the orchestra or playing at festivals or shows on Saturdays.” It wasn't long before David's love for playing and singing would lead him to write and produce his own songs. But his plan to pursue music as a career would have to wait until he graduated from college and completed his schooling at Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica. Shortly after leaving Norman Manley -- law degree in hand -- David's father passed away and the singer-turned lawyer shifted gears and took over the reigns of his family's waste disposal and janitorial business.

Once again music had to take a back seat much to David's disappointment. “It was frustrating to again put my musical career on hold,” he says, “but it was a necessary commitment to my family and our business.”

In the early 90s David hooked up with Anchor Recordings honcho Augustus Clarke, a well known music impresario who was often referred to as the Berry Gordy of Jamaica. While with Clarke, David wrote songs for such artists as Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Coco Tea, and JC Lodge. But after a couple of years of penning hits, he once again abandoned music to take on the rigors of the family business. “My life has taken many twists and turns,” says David, “but music has always been my passion. No matter how many detours my life has taken, music has always been there. It has always been that special place that I come home to at the end of the day.”

Now, with nothing to stand in his way, David M has returned and he's ready to make his presence felt on the world stage. With the release of two notable singles, “Lest We Forget” and “Here Comes Your Life,” both from the forthcoming CD, “Here Comes Your Life,” David is already catching the eyes and ears of radio and television.
Written in 1994 on the eve of the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa, “Lest We Forget” resonates with words that are as relevant today as they ever were. “The feeling that I had
on that day has been renewed many times over the years,” says David. “From the election of Barack Obama to the many other achievements by men and women of African descent, I am proud of our achievements and humbled by the opportunity to pay homage to them in song.”

This soul-searching world beat song, which opens with excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, not only speaks to the Civil Rights Movement and the hard work of Dr. King, but also gives credence to the work and sacrifices made by stalwarts such as Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Steven Biko and others who have been instrumental in the struggle for equality and justice, paving the way for positive change.

Written entirely by David M, “Here Comes Your Life” brims with heart-tugging, thought-provoking music, including the irresistible title track and the undeniable “Heart of Everyone” which pays homage to the legacy of the legendary Bob Marley. Says David, “Bob's as yet unmatched contribution to Reggae music and his singular and outstanding rich musical gifts and the respect he deserves for them, are not open to discussion. He touched the heart of everyone.”

In true David M fashion, the CD's title track hits us right between the eyes with the truth, reminding us that we can never escape our past. “We all have things in our past that we would not like others to know,” he says. “Sometimes these things come back to haunt us and whether we are able to deal with it or not 'here comes your life.' This song is about a particular woman I know who found herself in this position.”

David M bubbling enthusiasm and musical artistry has seen him perform on the Rochester Music Festival in Rochester, New York in July 2009. His music video for the single “Lest we forget” was featured on BETJ, Music Choice, Tempo and BET “Lift Your Voices” programme respectively. As the sky is the limit for this rising star, his latest single “This is our world” (an environmental song) has been chosen by the United Nations as a theme song and is presently featured on their website www.playersforpeace.org. Furthermore, David M is already part of an historic lineup slated to perform on the “Players for Peace” humanitarian concert to be held in Missouri in September 2010.

As for David M, it appears that all the dreams of his past life are now coming true and not a moment too soon. “I've waited a long time for


Lest We Forget

Written By: Written and recorded by: David M 1995 ©

Wasn’t there when he made the Earth
Wasn’t there when he parted the Red Sea
Wasn’t there at Calvary
When they said Jesus died for me
Wasn’t there to hear Malcolm X
Or Rosa say no to the back of the bus
Didn’t know Marcus
Or get to join King when he marched for us
But I hope I’m there when the winds of change blow the walls down
And eyes can see clearly from New York to Cape Town
And I’ve seen the pictures of man on the moon
I’ve seen the wall that fell and none too soon
Here standing at the door won’t you let me in
And all this time I waited in the castle of my skin
2nd verse
Don’t tell me I’m misdirected
Or offend your sensibilities
Don’t give me your education that shows me the forest but not the trees
Don’t insult my intelligence or pretend I’m blind
Don’t give me your history books if I can’t read between the lines
Dared I hope one day that the winds of change would blow the walls down
And hands that now embrace me once held me to the ground.
And I’ve seen the pictures of man on the moon
I’d seen the wall that fell and none too soon
But never thought I’d live to see those winds of change
Fulfill the hope of those, whose blood flows through my veins.

Lest we forget
Lest we forget
Lest we forget.


Girls Night Out
Lest We Forget
Here Comes Your Life
90 Million Francs
Heart of Everyone (tribute to Bob Marley)
Love Remains
Middle Passage
This Is Our World

Set List

Professional Sound System.
•Professional Lighting.
•At least Eleven (11) Wedge Monitors, Four (4) for the artiste, Two (2) for the Key Board Player, One (1) for the Bass Player, One (1) for the Guitar Player (Lead), One (1) for the Rhythm Guitar Player and One (1) each for Back Ground Vocals.
•One (1) Artiste Piano Stool.
•One (1) Boom Mike Stand. (Long Neck)
•One (1) Wireless Microphone for Artiste.
•4 Key Boards: Yamaha MOTIF Es6. Kong Triton Studio, Yamaha MOTIF6, Roland G7 all with pedals.
•One (1) Guitar Twin REVERB amplifier.
•One (1) Marshall 2000 Lead series guitar amplifier with One (1) 4X12 Cabinet
•?Bass: One (1) Ampeg Bass AMP with Two Cabinet
•?Drums: Complete drum set with all pedals and cymbals
•?Background vocals three (3) Mics.