David MacAdam

David MacAdam


David MacAdam provides clients with a unique blend of original and traditional sea shanties as well as popular cover tunes that suit most audiences. The times are changing. Partitions are coming down. People of all ages are enjoying all styles of music. What a great time to be a musician!


David MacAdam is a Canadian Singer / Songwriter. His original music is heavily influenced by his involvement in the marine industry. He loves nothing more than spending time writing and playing music. David spent many years, early in his career , working as a Tug Captain on The Great Lakes and Eastern Seaboard of Canada. Often this would involve social events with a "guitar" and freinds. On his maritime journeys David was very fortunate to meet with many wonderful folks from all over Canada and The United States. This influenced his playing, his music and his ability to entertain.

David can be found playing solo gigs as well as performances with a three piece band known as MacAdam, Turpin and Fink.

Bryan Fink has been drumming now for over 15 years. A true professional. He can easily sit in comforably with the very best in the industry.

Peter Turpin. What a great musician! He plays bass guitar and stand up bass exceptionally well. We also tote him as "the real musician" in the band.



Written By: David MacAdam (c) 1997

Where are we running to.
What's this thing we’ve just got to do?
Why? Our lives in such disarray?
I don’t know what, but I’ve got to do it today.
What are we searching for?
That something special - that magic door.
That will take us away to that special place.
You know where .... Get me out of this race!

Because it’s a special situation
A sort of desperate motivation

Gotta get away, gotta get away, gotta get someplace.
I don’t know how and I don’t care how, just someplace.
I’ve got to go right now, got to go somehow to my someplace.
Can you take me there?
Maybe you can take me there.

You can help us find our way.
But please pick up the pace, time is ticking away.
We shall strike out and find ourselves,
yet the mirror awaits, as it stands today.


(got to get down to it - got to get right through it)


Great Lakes Ships

Written By: David MacAdam

Great Lakes Ships
© David MacAdam 1987

The numbers on this compass rose begin to fade away.
The rhythm or the engines don't seem so loud
I've been aboard this boat just one too many days.
Damn this life! But it's a part of me
How I long to think about you
And how I love to see your smile
Oh... here's to the boys who sail on Great Lakes' ships
And here's to the woman that's left behind.

Sometimes these waters, can reflect such a pretty face.
I often wonder if that's what draws me away.
But the seasons, they change, and in the teeth of a winter's gale
We just pray for another day
Yet through winters gales The Great Lakes say
"I know you'll return to sea..."
What's this grip she's got on me
There's only two women ...the one I long to see
And the one whose rose is looking at me.
(Oh…Oh Here’s to the boys ….)


Echoes In The Wind

Written By: David MacAdam

Echos In The Wind
©1992 David MacAdam

On the water you hear echos in the wind.
If you listen close you can hear them again and again.
On the water you hear echos in the wind.
From the ships that sailed before and we'll meet again.

Look at that old boat. She's just rollin' along.
The night is calm but when will it end?
The slightest breeze brings back memories.
It carries voices of old friends.
And I can see them if I only close my eyes.
And I can hear them, through the echos in the wind.
How I long to be there again.


Ships will come and we'll watch them go.
With only memories of her whistle's tone.
Time slips by in the blink of an eye.
The new move in and send history home.
And I can see them if I only close my eyes.
And I can hear them, through the echos in the wind.
How I long to be there again.




Someplace (David MacAdam)

Great Lakes Ships (David MacAdam)

Ports Of Call (David MacAdam)
Mobility Cup Toronto Video

Set List

Echoes In The Wind (Original)
Great Lakes Ships (Original)
Someplace (Original)
Burning Bridges (Original)
The Way You Groove Me (Original)

Little Ol' Kisses (Julian Austin)
Where Ever You Will Go. (The Calling)
Old Time Rock n Roll (Bob Seger)
Gone (Mongomery Gentry)
Wave On Wave (Pat Green)
Fast As You (Dwight Yoakam)
Making Memories Of Us (Keith Urban)