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David Martin @ Felt

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

David Martin @ Daytona Beach Event

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

David Martin @ SunSational Wedding & Women's Show

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



• “Something In Your Eyes”: With drumming by longtime Sting collaborator Manu Katche, it's radio-ready adult alternative a la Howie Day or Ryan Cabrera, filled with lush orchestrations and piano accents.” - By Nick Rogers, A&E Editor

• “Fantastic Song, look and Video for Something in your Eyes.” – Yahoo! Music

• “Although barely more than a quarter of a century old, David has with sincerity not really felt since the classic song-writing era of the late 70’s and early 80’s, with a modern slant with just the right amount of edginess. David Martin invites the listener into a world both private and open.” - Danny Brown, Indie Music Suite 101

• "I love David's voice. Call me when his album is out." – Arnie Worsoe (Elton John's UK Producer)

• "Just checked out the website and heard the three songs that one can listen to from the front page. Very nice!! I've been married for almost fifteen years and 'Something in Your Eyes' reminds me of my wife...I would see that 'something' and wonder why!! Now, I don't worry about the why, I'm just grateful for her love! Your lyrics paint great pictures! Best of luck!" - Rusty, Citadel Broadcasting Corporation

• "As a music writer, I see a lot of material from aspiring new artists. I listen to almost all of it, but have the time and space to write about only a small portion. However, once in a while someone new really does grab my attention, and I decide to look a little deeper...and eventually write about it. David Martin, an artist on the recently founded label Astonish Records, is one of those that successfully caused me to take a second look. His sound is unabashedly romantic pop accompanied by the quote 'The real value in life is in relationships, not results. Maybe that's the ultimate result: how much we've loved.' Does it make the heart melt...or is it way over the top? For some fans, the blue eyes won't hurt." - About.com

• "These songs are for the world." - Adam DeGraide, CEO of Astonish Entertainment

• "Folks who see singer-songwriter David Martin for the first time may think John Tesh had a son who picked up an acoustic guitar. But first impressions can be misleading. A guy with a penchant for love songs, Martin is touring to promote his debut album, Something in Your Eyes. Fans of John Mayer and Jason Mraz will feel right at home when listening to tracks such as 'Connected' and 'Strong Enough'. Ladies who check out Martin's set will be greeted by blonde locks and eye candy while guys will get blasted by women everywhere for not being sensitive and caring like Martin." - Ben Breier, Cleveland Free Times

• “Billboard, the world's most trusted source of music, video and digital entertainment news, charts, reviews, and analysis welcomes David Martin, who will entertain attendees at Billboard's Mobile Entertainment Live!, which presents a comprehensive overview of the evolving digital landscape from the mobile industry's best and brightest.” - Yahoo! Finance

• "Martin aims to strip irony from his heartfelt songs, which are inspired by '80s singer-songwriters such as Billy Joel." - The Columbus Dispatch

• "David has such a beautiful voice and an amazing talent of songwriting. This is a great album and I think it will smoke the whole music market. I know it will be a hit on my street." - Manu Katché, drummer for Sting and Peter Gabriel

• "I have a eight-year-old daughter and my wife and I have been married for ten years. They both were watching your video and my daughter has a huge crush on you! You brought tears to my wife, and me too. I have never really felt the need to talk to somebody famous. However I am proud to say I listen to your music and EVERY guy out there should be thankful to for showing that not all guys are bad and that some of us do have a heart. THANK YOU!!!!!" - Michael Greger

• “I had no idea who David Martin was. I had not heard anything he had done. I just saw this ablum and thought I would give it a try. He is too good to be passed over. He has a clean sound with a pleasing range. In other words, you can listen to him over an over and not get worn out.” – M. Laing

- Press and Fans


David Martin's album "Something In Your Eyes" released February 6th 2007

1. Sing Your Song
2. Something In Your Eyes
3. Our Love
4. I Can't Imagine
5. It Must Be
6. I Will Love You
7. Connected
8. Stand
9. Strong Enough
10. To You

David's Holiday Single "Fall La La in Love" Released December 2007



Ten songs for ten years – that’s what started it all.

David Martin married his high-school sweetheart, and to celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary, he wrote her ten sweet, powerful love songs. It wasn’t long before these songs ended up in the hands of the CEO of Astonish Records, and soon David found himself in the studio, turning those ten love songs into his debut record, Something in Your Eyes. For the album, David worked with the legendary Manu Katché (drummer for Sting and Peter Gabriel) and mixer Jeff Juliano, who has worked with John Mayer, the Dave Matthews Band, and Jason Mraz.

Since the album’s release, David’s career continues to gain momentum: he opened for Elton John and has won the heart of Billboard magazine. He has been featured on Amazon.com’s “Breakthrough Artist Program” and his music video for “Something in Your Eyes” was directed by Oscar nominee Bobby Garabedian. On Valentine’s Day, David was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and he has been featured in Billboard magazine several times. “Star quality abounds,” the magazine says, and, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal, David is the “voice of romance.”

“I like to encourage people that there really is a happily ever after,” David says. “And I’ve done my best to be honest about love through my music. The deepest love I’ve experienced is on the other side of forgiveness. For me, true love is worth whatever it costs. I hope my songs spark a greater love for others.”

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