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David Martinka

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Native Slovakian courting songs. Native American Style Flute Songs gifted to me from the Earth and Creator.


David Martinka’s interest in Native Americans began while wandering through the fields of his Grandfather’s and Grandmother’s farm. Many artifacts were found and this sparked his interest at a very early age. "I was taught that the native people that used the land before us were strong people who loved the land. I am honored to have walked where they walked."

Upon graduation from college, David was asked what gift he would like for his graduation. His answer was a Native American flute. Thus began his career as flute player and flute maker.
The beauty of David’s playing comes from the heart. He uses nature as a starting point for his songs which give a relaxing and soothing feeling to the songs.

The Legends Of Time is David's first commercial CD release.
Here is what David said about the meaning of Legends Of Time. "The idea for Legends Of Time came from Dan Declark & Robert Wainio who have 2 stores in Michigan with that name. They try to give native artists from around the country a place to sell their crafts. It also came from my mom who keeps telling stories of relatives that have passed on. This was her way of passing on who they are."

David has performed at various locations in Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, and South Dakota. Some of his performances were at Borders, Legends of Time, Spa Prahna, and the Midland Mall. He has performed for weddings, school assemblies, and churches.

David also preformed at the 2006 Indain Summer Music Awards where his CD Legends Of Time was nominated in the Native Spirit category.

Here is what David said about his journey with the Native Flute. "I thought maybe I should say a few words about my journey with the flute. I was searching for this bird that was making a call almost every time I was in the forest. On the first time I was playing the flute in the forest the bird landed on a branch in front of me. This flute was gifted to me by my mom and so I think my journey began. That bird is the Red-bellied Woodpecker. I am so proud to carry on a Slovak family tradition of music. I also feel honored to play these flutes and grateful to the Native People of North America for creating a beautiful instrument.


Cedar Church-out of print
Maple River-out of print
Legends Of Time-Available:CD/MP3 Download
Native Slovak-Available:CD/MP3 Download

Set List

Shows from 30min-1hr feature original songs.
Shows from 1hr-1 1/2 feature original songs with origin stories of the Native Flute.