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David McLorren

Dallas, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Dallas, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Jazz R&B


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"David McLorren Gives Us Many Reasons To Check Out “Reesonz”"

David McLorren its an outgoing award winning producer, artist & multi instrumentalist. He started his career in the 90’s but started as a solo artist in 2007. David has won many award, the most recent are the 2 GHP Radio awards Best New Composition Original: David McLorren “When I Knew (Extended Mix)” & Best Smooth Chill Music: David McLorren “Changed“, and from his newest album “Reesonz“ he won a award from the Indie Music Channel for best Jazz Producer 2015. Also he was a sound engineer and recent mixed & mastered the album “Many Colors“, and released a joint Holiday album “Joyous Celebration“.davidmc2015_v12-535x357

The album Reesonz has 11 amazing tracks that you should not miss. But there is so much more in this album, so we asked the man behind the music David McLorren what this album represents to him ?

This album Reesonz is a coming of age album for me. Each song represents a reason for being who I am and really being okay with that, as well as a soundtrack for people to be introspective with in finding their own reasons.

Making an album is hard work, and it has his own process, and David explained it to us in a great way.

There’s not a set process for the creative process for me as in a formula. Each song is inspired by life and the need to communicate what words sometimes can’t accomplish. I composed all the track and had collaborators like Sam Hankins (Trumpet), Sarai Usry (On Vocals) Matt Wilson (Guitar) & Demetrice Everett (Drums) bring their flavor to the track. I don’t director my collaborators creative genius I simply allow them to bring what they have to the table and it gels. Then I take my time to mixed it down, listening in several atmospheres & setting to get that sweet spot in sounds.

Every album has his own flow, and McLorren gave us the answer what makes this album different from his previous.

Reesonz is different because I am different, my experience and growth helped shaped the musical content. Reesonz has more of a deeper connection because maturity was in my craft imitates the maturation of my life.Reesonz

It’s hard to describe something in one sentence, but we were curious, and asked David how he would describe the album Reesonz?

Reesonz is a smooth musical buffet to satisfy the musical taste buds, while offering deeper introspection and inspiration.

To be and great artist, you need motivation, this is how David McLorren does it.

It stems from a Childhood where my Mom and Dad instilled in us that we can do anything if we set our minds to it and applied ourselves. I am a student of life, if I don’t know I will go searching to find the answers and I don’t minds learning from others or sharing what I learn. My motivation is knowing that in some way music heals and that my music is a small part of making the world a little better._DSC2396

The love for jazz is a strange thing, and there always has to be one or more favourite jazz musicians.

I love Jazz because it’s a freeing art form. It allows for expression and individuality. It incorporates multiple genres, cultures and could be enjoyed by anyone allowing the imagination roam free. My Favorite Jazz Musicians/Artist Dave Brubeck the way we broke all sort of barriers in his music and how he got inspiration from anything & anywhere. And of course other like Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, to name a few.

And at the end he told us what is the most important thing he learned on the jazz scene this past years.

I’ve learn to be myself musically, don’t try to fit the formula, build on what those artists who came before us did, and respect the art and others. - Milena Staniskovska


What would the soundtrack to your life sound like? For David McLorren, it sounds like “Reesonz.” There are 11 reasons for the eclectic collection of songs on this album. For David, the reasons range from making a statement to being true to himself. His music is comprised of the melodies of his life. They are also melodies that tell a story and inspire; they inspire listeners to take an introspective look into their lives and gain a deeper understanding. Although McLorren is well rounded and versed in chemistry, technology, and a few instruments, it is music that he sees as he looks at his life. Drawing inspiration from family, God, and circumstances, David is marching to his own drum and being the best him he can be.

Real conversation between David and I: http://pinkandbluenotes.com/2014/10/22/the-reesonz-according-to-david-mclorren/ - Pink and Blue Notes

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David McLorren
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Everything Changes
David McLorren
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Joyous Celebration
David McLorren & Sam Hankins
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David McLorren
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David McLorren
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