David M Cooper

David M Cooper

 Conway, South Carolina, USA

We play traditional bluegrass gospel. A lot of the songs we do are original.Have played in many churches and events in the northeastern part of South Carolina.

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Garden of My Heart

Written By: David M. Cooper

Garden of My Heart

Momma taught me how to sow
An early childhood memory
I was only four years old
Tied to her kitchen apron strings

Barefoot boy fresh plowed dirt
Bib overalls without a shirt
Pockets stuffed with garden seed
A straw hat so I wouldn’t burn
Sowin a garden in the spring
On our little family farm
Momma sowed some fertile seed
In the garden of my heart

Momma labeled every row
Maters taters corn and beans
She said that we would reap
The kind of garden we would sow

She pulled the weeds and fed the seeds
Momma kept the garden clean

Copyright 2010 David M. Cooper
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Some Time to Go to Church

Written By: David M. Cooper

Some Time to Go to Church

V1 Mr. Morgan’s losin’ a fortune
His stores in town are closed today
He’s the richest man around
Got the first dollar that he made
He doesn’t go to church on Sunday
It’s just another day of work
But this Sunday Mr. Morgan
Has found some time to go to church

Ch He’s arrivin’ in style
Ridin’ his last mile
In the back
Of a long black shiny hearse
This Sunday Mr. Morgan
The richest man in town
Has finally found
Some time to go to church

V2 I can smell the pretty flowers
And hear the tolling of a bell
I’m one of six men dressed in black
A yellow rose on each lapel
Who will carry his cold body
After the preacher reads a verse
Cause Mr. Morgan had to die
To find sometime to go to church

Copyright 2009 David M. Cooper
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One Thing Jesus Can't Do

Written By: David M. Cooper

One thing Jesus can’t do

God took off his royal robe
Put on this earthly robe of sin
Heavens cure for Adam’s curse
Suffered among mortal men
Performed miracles and wonders
Conquered death hell and the grave
Jesus saved my sinful soul
All of my sins are erased

I’m not the man I was
That old man I was is dead
Buried and forgotten
I’m a new man born again
Covered by his blood
When I stand before him
One thing Jesus can’t do
Is remember my sin

Jesus walked on water
Turned the water into wine
Multiplied the loaves and fishes
Bid five thousand come and dine
Healed a blind man and the leapers
Raised the dead man from a tomb
The greatest miracle of all
One thing Jesus can’t do

Copyright 2010 David M. Cooper
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Wealth of a Fool

Written By: David M. Cooper

Wealth of a fool

The soul is eternal
Worth more than riches
This ole house of flesh
In death will decay
Lay up your treasure
Where thieves cannot steal it
Life’s like a vapor
It will vanish away

Aint nothing on earth
Worth more than your soul
A fool measures his treasure
With silver and gold
Kingdoms and castles
Diamonds and jewels
Earthly treasure
The wealth of a fool

When you are dying
Won’t care about money
Or some possession
You’ll leave behind
Your earthly treasure
Will be left for another
When you take your last breath
In death you will find

Copyright 2010 David M. Cooper
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Third row from the back

Written By: David M. Cooper

I took off my hat
Finger combed my hair
Slipped through a squeaky door
The congregation stared
A gospel choir was singin
The little church was packed
I squeezed into a pew
Third row from the back

Third row from the back
Where I saw the light
My hand’s gripped that ole pew
Till my knuckles turned white
That night I surrendered
Waved the ole white flag
Jesus saved my soul
Third row from the back

Don’t recall his sermon
Or a word the preacher said
Till he said close your eyes
Everybody bow your head
I prayed the sinner’s prayer
Knelt down where I sat
My alter was that ole pew
Third row from the back

Yeah that night I surrendered
I waved the ole white flag
Jesus saved my soul
Third row from the back

Old Roman Soldier

Written By: David M. Cooper

Old Roman Soldier

V-1 Betrayed for thirty pieces of silver

Abused by the people he loved

Rejected by his own disciple

I know he still loved them because

. Ch. I heard him say father forgive them

Jesus was looking down on me

I’m an old Roman soldier

I stood at the foot of the tree

V-2 In his eyes I saw his compassion

On his cheeks the tracks of his tears

On his back the stripes that he suffered

In his side the wound from my spear

David M. Cooper
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Copyright 2010

I'll See You There

Written By: David M. Cooper

I’ll see you there

An old friend of mine
Who was born blind at birth
He knew he was dying
Spoke these parting words
Don’t grieve for me friend
My soul is prepared
Meet me in Heaven
I’ll see you there

I’m dying to live
Where the soul never dies
Death isn’t dead
On life’s other side
We’ll meet again
In that city four square
Won’t see a blind man
I’ll see you there

He drew his last breath
And his body grew cold
The angel of death
Had come for his soul
I knelt by the clay
And whispered this prayer
Beyond the grave
I’ll see you there

Copyright 2011 David M. Cooper
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