David Milam

David Milam

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA

David Milam is a product of the Jim Croce/Bob Dylan generation, with a rocker's head and a freedom fighter's heart. He writes and sings music that inspires, energizes, and touches the soul of the audience and leaves them wanting more. www.DavidMilam.com


David is a fourth generation musician who grew up surrounded by relatives playing guitar, banjo, harmonica and singing blues, country, gospel and folk music. It is little wonder that David’s musical style is, as he would put it, “all over the road”. David started playing guitar and singing while in elementary school. Soon after he was learning to play the banjo and 12 string guitar. At 16, David heard singer/songwriter, Jim Croce on the Tonight Show. Before Jim had finished his first song, David knew this was the path he wanted to take and started to work on his goal of playing guitar and singing to a listening audience. From fronting a top forty band in the eighties to a series of musical duos he found a way live out his dream while maintaining a day job and raising a family. In 2002 a fellow musician urged David to write his first song. Since then David has been writing lyrics and music that come straight from his heart and show his understanding of life’s love, loss and friendships that can only come from the wisdom of experience. Music is now a full time job for David and he plays about 100 gigs a year at coffee houses, house concerts, restaurants and festivals and has won accolades for his songwriting from the Will McLain Foundation and for his fingerstyle guitar playing at the Gamble Rogers Festival. In October 2006 David won Male Soloist of the year by fans and staff of Songwriters Showcases of America. The SSA in DeLand, Florida and the title track voted 2005 Songwriter of the Year David from his cd Livin Out My Dream won best Narrative Song of the Year.
David is a Florida native and lives in Jacksonville with his wife Pamela, along with several very loved cats and a Jack Russell – Dachshund mix he calls Molly. Playing, singing and writing are happily not only a constant passion; it is also his full time occupation.



My Danalee
Living Out My Dream
On The Right Track

Set List

Sets range from two to four hours, playing 50 minutes with a 10 minute break. I prefer to play venues that encourage original music but I have a song list that includes around 350 songs that I play from memory. Here is a sample of some of the originals and cover songs that I play and sing.
Across The Great Divide
Annie's Song
Another Day
Autumn Leaves
Back Home Again
Bartender Blues
Before You Accuse Me
Box # 10
Brown Eyed Girl
Cat's in the Cradle
Circle Game
City of New Orleans
Come Monday
Country Roads
Daddy's All Gone
Darcy Farrow
Death of an Unpopular Poet
Dock of the Bay
Doh a Beer
False Echoes
Family Reserve
Father and Son
Feelin Right
Fire and Rain
For What It's Worth
Goin Up the Country
Grandma's Featherbed
Great Filling Station Holdup
Green Grass of Home
Gulfcoast Highway
He went to Paris
Home is Just Another Name for You
Hotel California
House of the Rising Sun
I can't Help Falling i