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"David Moore"

"Any person that has a heart will surely be devastated by the recordings on this album. The songs are so well written and captured it is astounding. David's vocal delivery surely knows no bound and makes this old country soul of mine almost burst with pride. Not since 'The Moon My Saddle' has David had a recording that truly captures what he is capable of delivering and that is easily one of the best albums of the year. Welcome back David." - Indie Rock Reviews


Breaking You Down (Digital EP, July 29 2008)
My Lover, My Stranger (TBD 2008)



Bio for My Lover, My Stranger

On a bright summer morning in 2001, David Moore pulled into the parking lot of an Indianapolis guitar shop. He unloaded his Gretsch guitar, his Fender combo amp, and some various assets belonging to his longtime band, indie-rock stalwarts, Chamberlain. After a decade of touring the country and parts of the world, Moore had called it quits. He had decided to cleanse himself from his past by selling off everything, at whatever bargain he could secure.
As the years coasted by, David and his longtime wife, whom he met in junior high school, bought a home in Indiana and started a family. David subsequently went to work at a company selling resort time-share condominiums.
But music never fully escaped Moore. He would pick up his old dilapidated acoustic guitar and play from time to time with his country/bluegrass side project, Chevy Downs. Still he wrote songs and poetry of his own, but had settled himself into a simpler midwestern life.
Then in the late winter of 2005, longtime friend and Chamberlain collaborator Adam Rubenstein came home to Indiana for an annual holiday visit. The two talked about music, the common roads they had traveled, and what the future would hold for both of them. At the end of the evening and after a couple of bourbons, Rubenstein revealed his hidden agenda--to get David back in the studio to record an album of his own.
A loyal proponent of this plan was Doghouse Records president Dirk Hemsath, who always had felt Chamberlain’s success at his company was somewhat marginal. He consented to help finance and A&R the project, and thus the creative process for David’s album was underway.
Moore and Rubenstein bounced ideas back and forth through email, and would meet up in New York, Indiana or LA to demo various songs. Contributing to this reinvigoration, was Moore’s father, who saw his old Gretsch guitar hanging in that same guitar shop window, and repurchased it for his son.
However, whereas they were satisfied with the songwriting, the new recordings never felt quite fully realized enough. The two wrestled with writers block and self-doubt for a couple years until the spring of 2007, when a chance encounter occurred.
David was on a business trip layover at the Atlanta airport, when he was approached by a casual acquaintance, a face he loosely recognized. The stranger was John David Webster, a producer and musician from Indiana, who had seen Moore and Rubenstein perform that previous summer. The two became fast friends when to David’s surprise; Webster revealed his home and studio were just a few short blocks away in the very same housing development.
Under Webster’s direction My Lover, My Stranger was completed in 2008. It is a lush musical departure for Moore, and the songs sound full of optimism and rejuvenation. From the opening inspired anthem “Breaking You Down,” to the spiritually infused war cry “Jericho,” to the rhythmically rich love song “Corners”, My Lover, My Stranger seldom lets up. Moore’s vocals sound wise and weathered throughout, and the music takes on more melodic chances than ever before in his career. Due out this year, David Moore is sure to open some ears, and some eyes as well.