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"The Ticket"

From "The Ticket", the Daily Mirror, Friday the 22nd of September, 2006

DAVID MUNYON - Song For Danko 5/5

He may operate under the mainstream music biz radar but Munyon is one of the great soulful troubadours of modern America. Recorded at Abbey Road, birthplace of The Beatles’ magic that inspired him as a youth, this is worthy of their inspiration. A shimmering husky voice sings songs, such as the title track dedicated to The Band’s Rick Danko, that glow with mystical insights, his hypnotic acoustic guitar the only accompaniment. Such precious music should not go unnoticed. Check him out at www.davidmunyon.com - the Daily Mirror

""Musical Trail-blazer""

February 2008

David Munyon, "Some Songs for Mary".

After what have become, in the meantime, the legendary best sellers ‘Code Name Jumper’ and ‘Acrylic Teepees’, from 1990 and 1996 respectively, the song-writing guru David Munyon has brought out a completely new CD recorded with a band. The CD is called ‘Some Songs for Mary’. On the cover we see the print of a torn photo in which Munyon at age seventeen is standing with his friends from those days Bud Wyatt and Charlie Sykes. The photo was taken in 1971 in front of his parents’ gas station in Brandon, Florida. Munyon no longer knows how the photo got torn, but he was able to relate how that old 1957 Chevy Nomad managed to take the trio to Hollywood. Yes, even Munyon had plans back in those days to become a film star!

If I’ve kept properly up to date, ‘Some Songs for Mary’ is Munyon’s fourteenth release. David Munyon is what you’d call a full-blooded singer-songwriter, who in my opinion never ever achieved the success he justly deserved. From his somewhat inscrutable character and mysterious behaviour we might expect his work to be somewhat suffocating, but don’t pre-judge, simply judge him on his musical qualities. This always and without fail warm and friendly troubadour recognises Townes van Zandt, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and John Prine as his idols, whilst in no way being inferior to them himself. Indeed I’ve established that of late a whole new young generation of singer-songwriters who recently discovered the songs of this Vietnam war-veteran have been considerably inspired by the poetic tone of his lyrics and songs. A relatively small group of Europeans, who have got to know him somewhat better, idolize him. After years in Midland City, Alabama, in miserable conditions, he was embraced, adored and received by this group. Munyon now lives in Heidelberg, Germany, and so, every now and then, he makes the ferry crossing to his beloved London. That’s indeed exactly what he did last summer. There, to get back to where we started, he recorded the thirteen songs on the new CD ‘Some Songs for Mary’.

Producer Roger Morrish ensured that Munyon’s songs were surrounded by substantial sound from the band. Mary’s band doesn’t consist of musicians plucked from nowhere. Amongst others, we get to hear the by now 62 year old Pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole. This veteran stood alongside Elton John, Scott Walker, T.Rex and Nazareth, to name but a few, in the early days,. Graham Right on Fretless bass and Nigel Appleton on drums and percussion ensure a disciplined and watchful rhythm section. Multi-instrumentalist and co-producer, engineer and mixer Mick Hutchings wholly deserves acclaim for his accomplishments. With his enormous musical imagination he gets David Munyon to sound like never before.

You feel it at once when ‘Some Songs for Mary’ kicks off with a magnificent saxophone intro, sprung from a certain Stewart Curtis, in Let’s Dance The Night Away. Again later Munyon shows his true colours in Groovin’ with the Dalai Lama. The Appleton drums sound like Led Zepperlin’s When The Levee Breaks and Dave Barnes’ Dobro rivals Al Perkins. Then suddenly the track Rich and Beautiful makes its appearance. He wrote and sings this wonderfully melodic song with Dagmar Wirtz. A little later Munyon, once again, goes through a similar sort of duet in the moving Angels All Around Us. Perhaps strange to say, but the melancholy and very impressive band version of Rolling Up The Windows In The Rain has real Hit potential. Munyon makes sincere reference to current issues in Africa in Soul of Africa. This song is dedicated to all the children who are the victims of what is happening. The swinging waltz Walking In The Storm makes perhaps the most powerful impression on me, with its psychedelic textual content. With the rock number Grace, written and sung once again with Dagmar Wirtz, David Munyon brings a splendid and brilliant adventure to a close. Of this sort of musical trail-blazer there are generally far too few. ‘Some Songs For Mary’ is, with both feet on the ground, as far as I’m concerned, the first top record of 2008. (Jan Janssen)

- Jan Jannsen, Real Roots Cafe


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David has been playing Music since he was 12 years old. The next 25 years kinda "disappeared", with a couple of spells in the US Army and time on the road, mainly in California, Florida and Nashville, playing his beloved music, singing his songs and "paying his dues".While in Nashville around 1989 he met up with Ron Hitchcock and the Hicks Brothers, the album"Code Name :Jumper"was released in 1990. This CD has some great musicians on it , including Warren Haynes, Matt Rollings, Leland Sklar , Sneaky Pete, Al Perkins and Anthony Crawford. The CD was promoted in Europe by Glitterhouse Records and was re-mixed and re-mastered by Gunter Pauler. As people seemed to like the CD another 7 more CDs were produced, recorded and released by Glitterhouse and Stockfisch Records, some "Solo Acoustic" and some with Great European Musicians to include Chris Jones, and several of the best musicians on The Planet, from England, Germany and India, including "The very gifted...Mike Silver ".

From 1992 - 1998 David toured mainland Europe several times with his wife "Dixie Blue", Ms S.P. Standley-Munyon, always playing solo/acoustic. They have many fans and friends over there. He returned on his "World Love" tour in September 2005 and apart from one visit home to Alabama had been living and playing in Germany until arriving in London in the Spring of 2008, to promote the new studio album, "Some Songs For Mary", playing some solo/acoustic shows and hopefully, if things work out, playing with some of the musicians that have contributed so generously to the album.

David Munyon is a "topical writer" much like many of the folk legends and roots artists of todays acoustic tradition. David is a writer, performer, painter, artist, poet and farmer. David has songs that have been performed by Eric Burdon, Rick Travino, and Jennifer Warnes. He has worked Shows in the past, with Bill Monroe, Suzanne Vega, Richie Havens, THE BAND, The Drifters, the truely talented Terry Lee Hale, Joseph Parsons, Danial Putnam Green, Warren Haynes, Gene Gillespie and many others.

" David Munyon songs are great!" says Rolling Stone Magazine in Germany. David says "I just ask God, to help me write a good song for the folks and I just hold the guitar and pencil" and says, I'm very grateful for everything, my best friends work at Glitterhouse Records and Stockfisch Records, from Germany, and we are very blessed to know Gunter Pauler. We are hopeful that our songs may, in some way, bring happiness and comfort to people in this World and maybe if we all work together we can stop some of the pollution in the air, and maybe clean up the Rivers and Streams and The Oceans, and spread some love and harmony... and promote Peace". David adds, "Prayer is a Powerful Thing, years ago, I was home-less ...and just look what people's prayers have done for me...my wife Dixie's prayers and my friends and family's prayers, all that I have today... from the generosity of my friends in Germany and and Italy and Holland and Europe and The U.S.A and Canada, and France and Spain and Ireland... I still ask everyone to pray for me". "What is my message"? "I don't know , says David Munyon perhaps Love and Forgivness, Forgivness for everyone ... up to 77 times a day, and Love, and good coffee, and Peace".

"That's about all there is to say about David Munyon"

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