David Muse's Tonal Alchemy

David Muse's Tonal Alchemy


Fusing jazz, funk, and a little experimental music, with David's extrodinary musical ability, Tonal Alchemy reaches into your very soul and alters your perception of what music can be. David Muse's Tonal Alchemy is more than a band, it's a vibe that can turn lead into gold.


As an original member of 70's supergroup Firefall, David Muse helped craft the unique sound that produced gold and platinums albums, as well as numerous chart-topping singles. Songs such as "You Are The Women", "Goodbye, I Love You" and "Strange Way" are regulary counted as some of commercal radio's most commonly-played tunes. This success took the band around the world on tours with acts such as Leon and Mary Russell, The Doobie Brothers, The Band (on their final tour before making their farewell documentary movie, 'The Last Waltz'), Fleetwood Mac during their Rumors Tour, Chicago, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Beach Boys and Lynyrd Skynyrd (frequently playing with them right up to Skynyrd’s terrible plane crash). As often happens to lots of great bands, the early 80's witnessed the unfortunate breakup of the original band
David & Sting

Since the breakup of Firefall in 1981, David has performed with numerous other national and regional acts, pursued several solo projects and performed as a member of The Marshall Tucker Band for the better part of a decade. He occasionally performs with various members of Firefall and participated in a 2008 reunion show in Boulder, Colorado which featured most of the surviving original members.

Continuing on his never-ending musical journey, David is currently performing with his latest solo project David Muse's Tonal Alchemy. Showcasing David's extrodinary musical talent, the band mixes the best elements of jazz, funk, and experimental music into a sound that reaches into your soul and alters your perception of what music can be.


Tonal Alchemy - 1982