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Livonia, Michigan, USA

Livonia, Michigan, USA

david nefesh @ ALVIN'S

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

david nefesh @ THE RAVEN CAFE'

Port Huron, Michigan, USA

Port Huron, Michigan, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"In the race between the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise wins. It's a story for the ages. And when David Nefesh decided to pick up his guitar and start writing songs in 1999, he too proved that slow and steady wins the race...He continues to practice psychology during the day while also creating music celebrating his rediscovery of youthful idealism...The songs on Pureheart delve into the aspects of relationships between close friends, lovers, and family...(My Own Mars) captures a youthful playfulness experienced by individuals entertaining the early years of middle age. Called by name, each character is an alien to an outside world that chooses to take itself too seriously......Nefesh finds the magic in daily living..."

Bruce Edward Walker, Freelance Writer & Author, former Adjunct Professor of Literature & Academic Writing at the University of Detroit Mercy, and current editor of the Michigan Science Report. - Bruce Edward Walker

"Nefesh's tunes are so universal in their content that I often feel as though he is singing about my life. His songs deserve to be accompanying me on my way to work in the morning when I tune into my favourite radio station." - Avrum Rosensweig - CFRB Radio, Toronto

"Nefesh...has released a remarkable record (Stripped/2000) that really should be heard...Having listened to the CD now several times, I am struck by his capacity to write lyrics that give us a glimpse of his pain, sorrow, and regret, as well as joy, revival, and his commitment to live his life truly. His guitar work, which is reminiscent of Richard Thompson and others in the folk tradition, is well tailored to suit his lyrics. This compilation consists of fifteen tracks devoted to living life, even at its most painful. In 'Quandry How To Feel' he sings, 'The landscape I've left looks tired and worn- Grassy meadows trampled on by my footsteps. Contented faces now with weary eyes- Haunt me as I walk through new fields where I found you.'

Nefesh can at once entice the listener into a world of both pain and rejoicing, loss and recovery, into a place all of us know, but few ever express. This recording is a stunning achievement...I recommend it highly." - Derrich Woehle - Music Lover & Psychotherapist

"He looks like Richard Thompson and has a voice reminiscent of Michael Stipe, but David's songs and sounds are his own--thoughtful and beautiful...If you haven't heard David yet, see him...great stuff!"
- John Finan, singer-songwriter

"...personal lyrics and rhythms (that) touch a chord...with depth and range of expression...committment to reaching out (that) seems boundless...on the pulse of the universal heart..."

- Ula, NYC Artist

“...Gifted with a strong, emotionally honest vocal delivery...an astounding guitarist...Nefesh draws lyrical inspiration from his own experiences of loss, love, and soul-searching and laces his songs with a spiritual subtext that’s both refreshing and inspiring...full of complexity and nuance...an artist to watch.”
--Gail Worley, NYC Rock Critic
music reviewer for StarPolish.com and regular contributor to Launch.com, Modern Drummer, Rockpile and KNAC.com. Her works have been published by CD Now, Amazon.com, Metal Hammer England, PopSmear and many other publications. - Gail Worley

"An unfailing sincere folkie, David Nefesh comes from the school of 'earnest 'til it hurts'...notable lyrical moments...a fine folk reflection on the order of what Bob Mould and Billy Bragg have been up to in the past decade."
--Joseph McCombs, San Francisco Music Writer, contributor to StarPolish.com, OnAir.com, Choler.com, Digital Music Weekly, ZDNet Music, and other publications. - Joseph McCombs


THE POINT OF IT ALL (2009 CD, Little Squirrel Records): full-band studio album.

PUREHEART (2006 CD, Little Squirrel Records): full-band studio album.

STRIPPED (2000 CD, Little Squirrel Records): solo-acoustic live recording.

I WANT TO HEAR THE MUSIC (1999 cassette, Little Squirrel Records).



As a child, Nefesh was strongly influenced by the music of Neil Young, CSN&Y, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and others in the folk-rock and rock scene of the late-60's and 70's--as well as Jewish folk and cantorial music which was prevalent in his family. At age 12, and armed with a songbook to Neil Young's "Harvest," he started years of self-study on guitar. His early adult years led him to study blues guitar by listening to greats like B.B. King, Otis Rush, and Eric Clapton. However, his penchant for strong melodies always remained.

Despite Nefesh's passion for music and performance, he relegated his musical talents to his home, occasional jams with friends and very rare public gigs. A late-bloomer, he never viewed himself as a singer-songwriter until 1999 when personal epiphanies revealed a gifted writer with a strong stage presence. In January of 1999, he started an intense period of writing and performing that has yielded more than 100 original songs and hundreds of performances in the United States and Canada since that time–as both a soloist and with his band. His first CD, Stripped, was released in 2000 and garnered excellent reviews--with comparisons to Michael Stipe, James Taylor, Richard Shindell, Ellis Paul, Harry Chapin and others.

Nefesh has made radio appearances on WDET in Detroit and CFRB in Toronto, Mediaone TV in Michigan, and has had airplay in Europe. His 2006 CD release, Pureheart, is a powerful folk-rock extravaganza featuring 13 memorable songs of love, heartache, and personal observation. The Detroit Music Awards membership nominated Pureheart for "Best Recording" (acoustic/folk category). His 3rd album--The Point of it All-was released in November 2009 and promises to be his strongest work yet.