David Newbould

David Newbould


David Newbould is an acclaimed singer/songwriter with 10 film/TV placements to his credit. He has lived and worked out of New York City, Austin TX, and currently Nashville TN. He draws listeners in with his exquisite voice, and keeps them with his passionate showmanship, melodies, and storytelling.


David Newbould is an exciting singer/songwriter/performer, and he has many believers who can testify to the passion and earnestness he puts into his work. His music has appeared on 10 Network TV shows/films/DVD’s/trailers to date (CBS’ "Criminal Minds" and “Harper’s Island”, WB’s “Dawson’s Creek” and "7th Heaven", Paramount’s “Joan of Arcadia”, Fox’s “Party Of Five”, CBS’ “Threshold”, Lifetime’s “Monarch Cove”, Lifetime Movie's "The Two Mr. Kissels", and Millennium Films' forthcoming "Streets Of Blood", starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer), he has performed to acclaim at numerous ASCAP songwriting events, and can count among his fans various executives at Universal Music, Sony Canada, RCA Records, and North Star Media Publishing.

For many years he lived and worked in New York City, performing both solo in clubs and then with a band. He developed a loyal fan base all through relentless performances and word of mouth - no label publicity, no major press, no glitz. David is about what’s real, and what’s real is a song that will touch some aspect of a person’s life and make an indelible mark. New York is where all of this took shape.

In 2002, after seven years in New York, David relocated to Austin, TX. He appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, had videos in rotation on Austin Music Network/ME Television, and recorded his third EP, his first full-length CD, and his brand new live CD/DVD package. In this time, he signed a publishing deal with North Star, and through relentless touring developed his most dedicated and thorough following to date. Performing on the road and at home, David has carved out a niche as not only a melodic and sincere tunesmith, but also one who performs with great passion and energy, and routinely leaves crowds clamoring for more.

At every show he converts new people who have never heard or seen him before. His mailing list has ballooned. He plays a brand of rock and roll that is not limited to such genres as Americana, classic rock, or singer-songwriter restraint. His songs paint pictures as few other artists’ do, making the listener feel that they are truly part of the story that he has chosen to write. His music is a brand which celebrates all of rock and roll’s melodic past, and the richness and depth it has to offer.

In May of 2009, David premiered, The Long Way Home: David Newbould And Friends – Live From Austin, a live CD/DVD of old and new songs, filmed and recorded at ME Television Studios in Austin, Texas. The concert’s special guests include Redd Volkaert, Cindy Cashdollar, Will Taylor, Wendy Colonna, and many more. To date he has recorded 3 EPs, 2 full length CDs (2007’s critically acclaimed Big Red Sun, and the new live CD/DVD package), and he sells them steadily through mail order, at shows, and as online downloads. There is a consistent flow of high quality songs coming out of him, as well as performances - constant performances. David grew up in Toronto, Canada, but has made the US his target audience.

Update, June 2009. David Newbould has relocated to Nashville, TN! The Long Way Home is scheduled for national release through iTunes and other online distributors on Tuesday, September 8!



2001 - "Lab Rat" (independent)
2002 - "David Newbould" (independent)
2003 - "Everyone's Got Their Own 10" (independent)
2007 - "Big Red Sun" (independent/North Star Media)
209 - "The Long Way Home: David Newbould And Friends - Live From Austin, TX" (independent/ME Television)

All tracks from "Big Red Sun" and "Everyone's Got Their Own 10" are being streamed on"David Newbould Radio" at Pandora.

"Soul Is Inflamed - live from KUT's Folkways" is being streamed through Jango.

David's catalogue is available at iTunes and all major online retailers.

Set List

As a touring artist, my sets run anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. A typical 45 minute festival or conference set would likely include:

-Don't Give Me Your Heart (Newbould)
-Goldmines (Newbould)
-Put The Brakes On Us (Newbould)
-Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (Newbould)
-Old Friend (Newbould)
-Empty Arms (Newbould)
-Soul Is Inflamed (Newbould)
-Salvation (David Newbould/Rachel Loy)
-Dakota (Newbould)