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Maybe Someday

Written By: David O'Connell

maybe I don’t remember every moment
but you should know ...I remember the time we had
and I remember when you said
we’d pick it up again someday

you said we’d watch sunsets
through the autumn stands
we’d watch rising moons
wrapped together in the sand
I said Maybe Someday
as I held your face in my hands

I watched you get on the bus
and just walked away
didn’t make a fuss
because your eyes
didn’t say anything
so I just let you go and yeah
its a crying shame
I didn’t know how bad
you wanted to stay
but that’s ok i said
we’ll pick it up again

you asked if I remembered
I thought how could I forget
maybe not every moment but mostly everything
and everything that matters and I remember you said
you said maybe someday we’d pick it up again

but it seems like someday
will never come
as i watch the setting sun
by myself
and I know it wasn’t just a lie
still another moon falls behind this rising tide
but thats ok i said
it will come up again someday

til then I'll stand lonely on the shore
and realize that there's nothing more than just a Gem to hold me
a little treasure to lock away
to bury deep within my heart
and hide away the key

but that's ok I said...
you'll always be right there
for me