David Ouellette

David Ouellette


I'm a singer/songwriter, an avid multi-instrumentalist, and a performer. I love entrancing people with music and lyrics, no matter their age or background. Music can transport anyone who really listens, who shares in a good performance. And when it works, we all get to go where we want to go: home.


I grew up listening to American popular music, mostly singers, of the 50's and early 60's.

I was barely awakening as an adolescent when the cultural wave of the 60's came thundering through our small, saw-mill and University town. I first identified with the Beatles, the British Invasion, then on to Bossa Nova, Jobim and Gilberto, then to classical guitar and eventually to the European classical tradition where I learned to love music I once thought was banal and snooty.

I've loved the sound of Harry Belafonte's voice and his calypso album since dancing to it as a little kid. Blood, Sweat and Tears was my first jazz-inflected album, but then a friend started feeding me King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and Bix Biederbecke. Those recordings and voicings started seeping through me.

I've loved a lot of other voices since. Even Bach has a "voice," and I love to imagine him humming while fitting his lines together...

But, in the end, current singer/songwriters interest me the most.

I love original songs that carry a writer's point of view and voice so well that the song comes alive in a catchy, and then unforgettable way inside me. That's big magic. That is what I hope my songs offer you.


Wild Ponies

Written By: David Ouellette

Wild Ponies

Wild ponies when they start
they run so fast then vanish quickly
Sweat so thick, musk and tang
they live and die under big sky
Away from rope and wire

No one feeds them
they find what they can
And some will die
when the earth grows barren, barren

Wild ponies pull no carts
they kick and bite and butt and roll
Anything they don’t like
They don’t know saddles or doctors’ orders
or ropes or reins or spurs

They grow up fast
they have to
walk right away when they’re born
Or babe be left behind, behind

Wild ponies fall apart
Their tail and mane make fiddles ring
They whip the sky and bow the strings
Their bones show through their matted hair
They walk in grace, unaware

Of how beautiful or damn ugly
we make them out to be
You know we make them out to be

These wild ponies of my heart
I send them to you, all the herd
Take care, they can bite but for you they might eat
out of your hand
all the band
Out of your hands

Then let them go
please let them run
Oh, let them stay outside
and alive
and free

Hey Jack

Written By: David Ouellette

Hey Jack

Hey Jack, you and me we go way back
Before Gramma left the track, back before I was born

And hey, Jackson, you had four daughters, you had no sons
Then Bette birthed me, your first grandson
Gave your heart to, man to boy, and boy to man

I grew up, you grew old
You moved east, I roamed and roamed
I wrote to let you know, to tell what can’t be told
How I love your cussed soul

Hey Jabe, Jackson Benjamin, J.B., I count your names
Old friends call you Ben, my friends use your last name, Mr. Hinds, Mr. Hinds

So, hey Jabe, you were mean to Andy and Jackie too
You were ornery when your legs hurt, and when the women turned on you
To me, though, you were kindly, you were true, kindly and true

Then came my son, you’d grown thin
I brought him out, you played with him
You both rolled a ball a while, all I could do was cry or smile
So I cried while I smiled

Hey Jack, you left your clothes, you’re not coming back
You left your eyes in me, and pennies in a sack, you left me more than I can hold

So, hey Jabe, I’ll pass it along, I will give it away
You rest easy and maybe some day
you can catch me when I fall, when I fall


David Ouellette / Voice and Guitar

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My sets vary according to the audience and gig. I do mostly my own material.