David Parkhurst Crane

David Parkhurst Crane


Guitar music; always moving and rich, often orchestrated, and David can "turn on the power" too. This music is an original blending of sensitivity and complexity. Artfully drawn from many genres, David's music can be experienced at the deepest levels. Staunchly devoted listeners, expand his base.


My biography rests in the music.
He says, "I imagine my past to be a lot like yours. Pretty steep highs and lows. Yes that's a subjective statement, but I try to convey a rich texture in my music. If I'm ever famous, it will be the result of people liking what they hear. Right now, I feel pretty good about my life and the music, and the dynamic is expanding." On the website you gain a complete feel for the loving character of David. But watch out. In his next CD there comes a powerful edge artfully selected to arouse all.


David has released two CD's. Gently... and Timely... both are on his website, www.quietguitar.com and can be heard on Last.fm, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc. The third in the "ly" series Passionately... is in production now.

Set List

Depends on the audience.
This music can be pretty subdued but if the crowd is willing, he likes to shake it up.