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David Philips

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | SELF

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | SELF
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"David Philips - Heal Yourself Alone"

(Translated from Flemish)

Debut album of this 33-year-old Barcelona resident, Englishman. The album was released in July was young members and two weeks later picked up by Robert Elms on BBC Radio London as a record of the week. And after hearing this album is not really surprising. David Phillips singer songwriter brings music that reminds me of the 80s music that came from California. The kind of soft, melodic music of dreamy, romantic souls. I am thinking of the whole scene around Jackson Browne, Greg Copeland, Terry Boylan, the solo work of Eagles members ....

The theme in David's songs is love. And just why is he a category below eg Jackson Browne and Bruce Cockburn in their music a touch of idealism and social criticism interwoven. But nothing but praise: the songs are well constructed and what makes him above the "13 in a dozen" does transcend his beautiful guitar playing and intense vocals. He gets help from only a drummer and organ player. All other instruments played David himself.

Some highlights include: "Love Will Ruin A Good Thing" with a sharp electric guitar. "Loving You Tonight" is about a young man driven by a desire to find love with handsome singing. "Raining You" gets a touch of style with a harmonica and call references to Bob Dylan with a nasal voice or not a ballad of Delbert Mc Clinton.

Other highlights: the unrecognizable version of "Freedom", a George Michael Wham song from the time when a kind of demo version comes with only acoustic guitar and voice. Immediately afterwards the most up tempo song from the album "Runaway" for a time with electric guitar and drums are prominent. Beautiful romantic "place" that every guest who wants a woman for him melt from the boxes to come. If they do not melt it never becomes anything. He shut the terms of lyrics, best song on the album: "Love In A Jar" about getting out of his love and reach for the bottle.

For those who love a singer songwriter with a warm voice without too many sharp edges, this is a must have album. As for the fans of the "Sunshine State" music of the year 1980. - Rootstime (Belgium)

"David Philips - Heal Yourself Alone"

(Translated from Dutch)

The British guitarist David Philips has worked with various artists, but only when he was eight years ago in Spain, he had moved after his thirties, to solo work. He found his own words, the beauty of the ancient love song and I started to write and sing themselves. If you have album Heal Yourself Alone shoot up initially to laugh when you know that, for a song like Loving You Tonight describes just a cheeky pup the versierderspad. That has little to do with love, all that later in the CD otherwise. There are then some really beautiful love songs. Songs that sound good, nice and stuck with the beautiful arrangements and pleasant warm voice of Philips never get bored. In particular, Philips' scintillating guitar playing is magnificent. - Moors Magazine (Holland)

"David Philips - Heal Yourself Alone"

(Translated from Dutch)
The origins of English multi-instrumentalist Dave Wilkinson has worked as a sideman with musicians like Brian Jackson (Kool and the Gang), Charlie Wood (Albert King) and Hook Herrera (Richie Sambora). At the age of 33 enters the singer-songwriter with "Heal Yourself Alone" in the foreground. Nine years, he now lives in Barcelona, where his apartment in Spain has all the songs sung, played and produced follow. The mastering was done by Dave Locke. As a stage name he chose for his first-named David Phillips. David received a multitude of "Heal Yourself Alone" in tasteful and pleasant to listen to songs in the roots, folk and singer-songwriter. On first hearing nothing wrong, but soon settles his warm and sincere voice in your head. In a pleasant atmosphere landfill David focuses on the love and everyday things.

The great strength of the Englishman is to write simple and melodic songs. His soulful voice fits perfectly with the semi-acoustic setting. Besides drums, harmonica, acoustic-electric bass guitar and we find also an organ, piano, flute and an occasional string on this CD. The well-balanced album has eleven songs ranging from slow to uptempo nice. The voltage on this album comes from its playful guitar playing and his deep voice. In "Heal Yourself Alone" dominate the good catchy songs such as Runaway and Loving You Tonight. Absolute highlights are the beautifully understated ballads Love In A Jar and cover Wham Freedom, designed in an intimate atmosphere with David as a finger picker. For lovers of Smart and honest music is "Heal Yourself Alone" by David Phillips a beautiful album. - Alt Country Forum (Holland)

"Too good to be true?"

Some albums are considered superior for the simple fact they take so long to get into. Music that slowly grows on you is usually very technical - full of discords and unprecedented arrangements. Then there are records like this. 'Heal Yourself Alone' is a collection of uncompromising musical sonnets, never straying far from easy listening acoustic based americana and yet it's quite compelling from start to finish.

The listener finds himself scratching his head trying to work out what sets David Philips apart from so many other, similar singer/songwriters, before realising that it's really quite simple. Great tunes you can relate to along with backing musicians chosen with such care that he seems to bounce off them without a second thought.

Authenticity usually breeds success and the lack of originality in his music may yet be a stumbling block on his admittedly fledgling solo career. He has plenty of time to develop the style to match his impressive material and yes it's safe, but for those who like their americana straight off the exclusive VIP production line then Philips is your man.

Album reviews invariably involve highlighting stand-out tracks, album fillers and lyrical anomalies. There are no such distinctions here. It all rolls along quite nicely, thank you. This is music for exhibition halls, attended by devoted quality controllers who shush you at every rustle of the crisp packet.

It gets the thumbs up for the quality of the song writing, musicianship and exquisite production and not only that but it's all his own work. There is only the slightest hint of reservation. Is there such a thing as too good? Is David Philips the James Blunt of americana? What the hell, he's obviously on to a good thing. - Americana UK (UK)

"Memphis back porch nights"

David Philips' latest release, Heal Yourself Alone, exudes soulful Americana, like nights on a Memphis back porch, which at first seems odd for a Brit who has lived in Barcelona for the last decade. Nothing like going on holiday and never returning! Philips butters his bread based on his university education in jazz, which allows him to easily support soul-funk quartets and jazz trios. He enjoys the anonymity of Catalonia, where flamenco rules, to travel to France and Germany, where acoustic singer-songwriter music fills clubs and festivals.

Check out this free song download from David Philips.

Philips' technical skill improved from his early days as a Cub Scout playing trumpet in marching band competitions, thanks to a chance viewing of a Jimi Hendrix television special. From then on, the teenage Dave needed a guitar and an Afro. He didn't say which was easier for him to achieve, but his next steps towards thrash metal might provide a glimpse. That Hendrix TV bit proved influential, as Philips delved into the blues, eventually studying electronica, British rock, and contemporary music. Like most musicians, he "kept the wolf away from the door" playing whatever came along, including a long-standing installation playing acoustic in a ski resort. About six years ago, Philips' foray into Americana began with listening to the early finger-picking guitar style of Bob Dylan, and developed into playing in music festivals (mainly in England), to recently catching Tori Sparks playing live.

Philips spent some time in Memphis, Tennessee, where he soaked up as much of the vibe as possible. When our conversation turned to food, he laughingly shared the differences in how food and socializing in the various places he has lived. In his native United Kingdom, people rarely invite others to their homes to share meals. Usually, people eat at home, then meet at their "local" (pub) for pints and then perhaps go elsewhere to listen to music. In Memphis, people often share meals in their homes, or more often in their yards or porches, where food and drink and music often go together. In Spain, people occasionally host others for a "barbecue" (which, in the South, we call grilling out, since "barbecue" is a noun) of rice and seafood or paella, or the Catalonia specialty of grilled calcots in sauce (sort of a cross between an onion and a leek), and they even have festivals dedicated to the delicacy. (We had to compare it to a Vidalia onion festival to grasp the concept.)

People across the globe find non-local music more easily through the Internet, and this accessibility has been "life changing" for musicians like David. He has regular fans from Sweden, Holland, and Belgium, who solely know his music via online sales. Heal Yourself Alone is a true solo gig, from the recording, mixing, and instrumentation in his flat, to the international distribution and marketing. The lyrics are 100% personal, evolving over five years of his life. When we asked what took him so long to finish the process, he replied, "I finally had something to say." - Country Fried Rock (USA)


Debut album : Heal yourself alone 2010

Radio play :
BBC Radio UK
Many stations around Holland, Belgium and Spain.
Country Fried Rock Radio - USA
Radio Free Americana - USA



David Philips is the epitome of the independent artist. His debut solo album "Heal yourself alone" was written, performed, produced, recorded, engineered and released by himself (featuring Caspar St Charles on drums/flute and Abel Boquera on keys).

The majority of the album was recorded in a spare room in a flat in Barcelona, Spain and only the mastering was handed over to someone else (Dave Locke at JP Masters U.S.) The albums style is a mix of Americana, Blues and Acoustic Rock evoking artists such as Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Neil Young and even Bob Dylan, but it is his diverse musical career that seems to lend something else to his music, not just a cut and paste copy of his influences.

Philips (real name Dave Wilkinson) was born and raised in the UK and moved to Barcelona, Spain at the age of 24. He is known as an extremely versatile musician, playing in many different styles spanning Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rock and Pop and has released records worldwide with various formations and indie labels. His talents as a guitar sideman have been called upon by legends and "names" in the world of Blues, Soul and Jazz such as Brian Jackson (Gil Scott-Heron, Kool and the Gang), George Braith (Blue Note Records), Charlie Wood (Albert King), Alvin Youngblood Hart, Hook Herrera (Richie Sambora, Gvt Mule) and Geoff Young (Sting, Steely Dan.) As a composer David has had work commissioned for TV by companies including Volkswagon, Honda and Gas Natural (Spain)

But it wasn't until around 2005 that Philips discovered his talent for singing and writing and his love for the acoustic guitar. He began to pen original songs which later would become part of his debut solo album released in July 2010 titled "Heal yourself alone" - finally allowing his solo voice to come to the forefront, as a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer and story teller.