DAVID PINSKY and his Rhythm Kings

DAVID PINSKY and his Rhythm Kings


David Pinsky continues to live the Blues. Involved in many projects as Band leader of his Rhythm Kings, Pinsky has also ventured into a solo career as well as playing front porch blues with his keyboard player, Gary Halliburton. David Pinsky is also the president of the Ashland Bues Societyl


David Pinsky
4260 Highway 99 south
Ashland OR 97520

The blues float all around my head. I lay in bed and another song begins to play. Sometimes it's one from a great master like Muddy Waters or Little Walter. Sometimes it's a Jump tune from Louis Jordan or Big Joe Turner. Lately it's "Shakin'" by Little Willie John.It might even be some old doo wap from the Paragons or the Jesters. Sometimes it's even one of my own like Just Got Lucky or Mo Money. Maybe it's Just Got the Blues in my Heart. I wrote Just Got the Blues in My Heart right after 9/11. It was an emotional time especially for an old New Yorker like myself. The travelling spirit of the 70's took me to the West coast where I settled in the small artisitic community of Ashland Oregon where I still live. The Blues has taken me many places. As a friend of Robert Cray's in the 80's it got me backstage at Carnagie Hall. As a nightclub owner and promoter it gave me a steady gig and the chance to help an upcoming band, Los Lobos, when their van blew up after the gig. It allowed me to sit on stage with greats like Gatemouth Brown and have a drink with Albert Collins or to spend two glorious days learning about Zydeco with its master Clifton Chenier. Recently the blues has taken me to Memphis ,Clarksdale Mississippi and Helena Arkansas where I stood at the Crossroads,played the Biscuit and walked on Beale.
I got to Austin Texas where Sonny Throckmorton smiled when I played Mo Money and Nashville row producer Bobby Rymer said about Just Got Lucky don't change a thing but I'm not buying. What's a country guy know anyway.
The Rhythm Kings are an ever changing bunch that seems to bond with the music and make my heart smile. There are those times when it has to be someone else playing because I become so immersed in sound it goes on and on around me. The last record was fun recording because I got a lot of old and new friends involved. I even played the horn parts on Rocks in My bed.


Just got Lucky

Written By: David Pinsky

Just got lucky feel so good today(2)
Love love you darling real old fashioned way

Just got lucky I’m the top man in town (2)
Love love you baby better than any one around

Well with eyes as blue as the ocean
Your lips are cherry red if I can’t have your lovin
I`d might as well be dead

I got lucky so lucky lucky really lucky
7-11 on the dice a royal flush in cards
Just got lucky love is here to stay

Mo' Money

Written By: David Pinsky

Nothing I can do keep me straight anyway(2)
Mo Money
Get up go to work earn my pay (2)
Mo Money

Trying to get myself back into the game
breaking my back but its always the same
running in circles playing their game
going to work nobody knows my name
Mo Money

How About Me ?

Written By: David Pinsky

Come on over here and show me what you got
Hey baby show me what you got
I told you before it ain't gonna mean a lot
You said you loved me baby that was a natural fact(2)
But the way you talk is not the way you act
I thought I had it made then you did it
I thought i should have stayed then you did it
It wasn't so much fun what was I thinking
I guess that I should run what was i drinking
Too late to stay you had it your way
now baby How about me?
So baby say goodbye and I'll be on my way(2)
I'm leaving tomorrow before the break of day
Bye Bye baby bye bye (2)
There's a whole lot of women in me before I die.


Just Got Lucky - 1995
Back Swingin' - 1999
Anthology - 2003
Blues Transfusion - 2006
Jump Everybody - 2008
Live at the Bella - 2010

Set List

RK sets are always lively. They promote the great musicianship of the band while focusing on original jump and swing with a bit of down home delta slide added. A typical set is 45 to 60 minutes long and meshed in with over 100 originals the rhythm kings feature sides from Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters,Big Joe Turner, Little Walter, Elmore James and oof course the great Robert Johnson