David Plunkett

David Plunkett


The most amazing sounds you'll ever hear. Guaranteed to keep the music industry in business. Those teenagers will actually pay money to download my stuff.


After a tragic crowd-surfing accident at an Arch Enemy concert (I'm told), I lost my memory completely. Bluegrass brought me out of my coma-like trance, along with some early Dizzy Gillespie recordings and old Stax records. I've been writing ever since.


Devil Can't Hear the Blues

Written By: David R. Plunkett

The moon was stuck over the skyline of Memphis, Tennessee.
That churnin’ muddy water was callin’ out to me.
The wind was creepin’ slowly ‘cross the rails of that ol’ bridge
And sweat poured down like raindrops as I climbed out on the ledge.

I prayed the Lord forgive me for what I was ‘bout to do,
A voice replied, “I ain’t the Lord, but I’ll tell you what is True..
You’ll wear the same ol’ shoes but you’ll never dance,
If you choose to take this foolish chance, son.”

I turned, looked in his red eyes, asked, “who the hell are you?”
He said, “I can’t remember, but my name is John Esu..
I’ll be damned if they find me here, so just you listen well..
Or you’ll build your final home on the wrong side of hell.”


He said, “The blues still make that sweet, sweet sound
Even after your soul ain’t around to hear it….
And hollow-bodies still weep and moan
You can hear everything but their beautiful tones
When you’re listenin’ with the devil’s ears.”

I said, “man, leave me alone ‘cause you
Don’t know my life, my only friend just left with my second wife…again.”
John said, “I’ve heard it told a thousand times, but you’ve still
Got a song, you just lost the rhyme…again…

Tomorrow will come while you walk the hard ground,
But the night stands firm in that Godless town,
Where your problems remain but the music leaves
So if you love the Blues then continue to live & breathe.”


I looked down at the water and I looked back at Esu,
It came to me so clearly, next thing that I would do.
I beat him down and took the red guitar right off his back,
And ran all the way to Beale Street, got a gig with Daddy Mack.



Set List

Cover repertoire: He Stopped Loving Her Today, The Eagles', "Already Gone", "A Man of Constant Sorrow", "Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath", "Humps", and I usually take the first break only after playing, "Freebird".