david p. murphy

david p. murphy


passionate story songs with a literary edge and a pop/jazz feel. marc cohn meets jimmy webb meets the dan and they all have lunch at my piano.


born in nebraska. heavily influenced by the prairie and the unending sky. then again, heavily influenced by great songwriters and jazz players -- newman, webb, taylor, bill evans, herbie hancock, miles.

i think what makes me different is i'm not a youngster but i've still got all the passion in the world for what i do. i've been writing tunes for a long time now and have built up quite a diverse library of material. although i've been a part of a number of bands, i enjoy the challenge and the thrill of flying solo -- just sitting at a piano and singing and being out on that wire without a net. and honestly, i think i consistently cross the chasm quite well.


"shining in a temporary sun" -- david p. murphy
i wrote/recorded/played on and produced "effortless" by henry perry.
"my favorite freeway" -- my next cd due out in 2008.

Set List

i do my own stuff. usually around 10 tunes. a typical set goes something like this:

my friend holden
invisible man
violet is the new blue
standing on salinger's lawn
but i'll learn
infinite towers
plowed under
the chimp behind the wheel
on the other side