David Ramirez

David Ramirez


"good music is like a fine wine..."


A good friend once told me that music is like wine. He walked away after saying that so I am not sure what he meant, but I can gather that he means music has variety. There are wines for entrees and separate wines for deserts. There are dry wines and wines that are sweet. The point is we drink different wines for different times in our lives. It is the same with music. When we listen to music we do not stop at one type, or genre, but rather we embrace many with the knowledge they are to be heard, tasted, at different times. This is the hope of David Ramirez, the band, that we would be privileged enough to be heard in all times of life.
Trying hard to find our place in the “acoustic realm”, we came up unsatisfied. We concluded that music is bigger and bolder. We are not implying that the acoustic guitar is an unacceptable tool, but rather it should not be the only tool used. We are now a four-member band interchanging acoustics for electrics, electrics for pianos, and pianos for computers. Jesse Fox (drummer), Chris Grissom (lead guitarist), David Ramirez (lead singer), Josh Walker (bassist), and Macintosh (Reason) collectively make up “David Ramirez”. Though one member holds the name, all five are necessary for the sound. Think of it as a solo artist finding players that he loved too much to part with, who, though completely talented, all four (excluding Macintosh), lacked creativity with the band name thing. Understanding, for the sake of rules, that we need a title, or genre, we will leave it, simply, at rock. Though new to the scene, we have had the chance to open for Caedmon’s Call, Dave Barnes, Matt Kearney, Salvador and Sanctus Real.
Lastly, we hope to relate. So listen, sing along, dance even, but see our hearts as well. They beat for one thing.

David Ramirez
Please dispose of wrapping when finished consuming



October 2005: Human
1. Clumsy
2. Perfect People
3. Time
4. 46 Days
5. American Syndrome
6. Better Name
7. War
8. Wonderful Savior
9. Constantly
10. You only kiss me when you’re drunk
11. Come back
12. Star
13. Still

Febuary 2003: 11503 Lansbury (Acoustic)
1. American syndrome
2. Like you
3. City streets
4. Amarillo
5. Only yours
6. Call me a doctor
7. A change
8. Socially Homeless
9. Still

Set List

The typical set list could be any of our newest songs off of the "human" record. We also have redone some of our favorites from the "Lansbury" cd and are playing those selectively. We play anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour and half depending on the venue.