David Ramirez

David Ramirez

 Austin, Texas, USA

Influenced by Damien Rice & Ryan Adams, David Ramirez pierces hearts and stirs thoughts with his honest lyrics & captivating sound. It's a sound his fans have dubbed "folk-brewed pop".


“I’m a wandering man, got no money in the bank, got no wife at home watching children”. Nothing could more accurately depict the adventurous, carefree spirit of singer-songwriter David Ramirez. Uneasy with being in one place for too long, David repeatedly finds himself on the road playing his brand of modern Americana that fans have coined “Folk-brewed Pop”. Paste Magazine recently declared David “the best damn songwriter you don’t know yet”.
He’s been writing and performing for over 10 years. From his teen years swapping songs with friends in Houston to the struggles of making a name for himself in Nashville, David’s songwriting journey has spanned multiple EP’s and a full-length, American Soil which garnered over 1,200 downloads in a 48-hr. period on Noisetrade. In 2010, David played 150 shows on numerous, independently booked tours. Feeling truly at home on the road, he calls his second home Austin, Texas. It's here where he wrote and recorded his latest release, Strangetown EP.
The songs, with their heart-yearning lyrics and sparse musical backdrop, tells things as he sees them: honest, unfiltered and true. "Wandering Man" is a revved up, foot-stomper that would make Johnny Cash proud and turn even the most fickle listener into a true believer. "Shoeboxes" and "Argue With Heaven" find David coming to terms with life's ups and downs and the reality of lost loves and broken hearts. "I Think I Like" hits your ears like a whispered secret and the title track, "Strange Town" weaves a memorable, melancholy lyric with an infectious, heart-pulsing beat.
David Ramirez knows no luxury. He wants no satisfaction. All he needs is an acoustic guitar and the words in his mouth to tell the true stories of a wandering man. But to see him live, with only that acoustic guitar in hand, spitting those words into rings of fire, is to experience something real....something that cannot be reproduced.


David Ramirez-"Birmingham" (2008)

David Ramirez "American Soil" (2009)- Smoakstack Studios, Nashville, TN

David Ramirez - "StrangeTown EP" (2011)

Set List

Sets typically last 45min- 1 hour in which I'll play any or all of the songs listed below.

Wandering Man
Strange Town
Argue With Heaven
I Think I Like You
Mothers and Fathers
Good to be Bad
I Want to Be Just Like Her
Deal Me In
Wind Up Toy
Carry Me Like the Wind
I Am Ready To Go Home