David Rosenfield

David Rosenfield

 Clearwater, Florida, USA

David plays rousing, raw indie folk music.


At the ripe old age of 35, David Rosenfield is a fatalist and optimist. He has waltzed through a life of dusty basements and mountain tops, looking for that golden child called happiness. To see him perform live is to witness some kind of an impassioned backwoods poet, as he yells, or whispers, or croons.

Having spent much of 2012 on the road, David has returned to Florida with plans to put the finishing touches on his new EP, which was recorded this summer in Asheville, NC. The as-yet untitled follow-up to his 2011 release, Son of Ojito, combines the influences of folk music, blues and rock and roll with his remarkable lyric style. A stripped-down solo acoustic version of the new EP is available at live shows, and can be previewed on his website and press kit.

This has been a busy year and a half for David Rosenfield; following a successful 2011 summer tour of the east US, David took his music west in the winter, from Florida to Northern California, ending with several private showcases at the Folk Alliance International conference in Memphis, in February 2012. He spent the summer of 2012 in Asheville, NC, playing shows, busking and recording a new EP. His touring style is unique; he travels with his wife and children in a 1982 Winnebago, which runs on waste vegetable oil from restaurants.

"David Rosenfield is the quintessential gentleman songster of our times; entertaining in a truly organic and knowingly experienced way." - Simaen Skolfield, Grammy Award winning recording engineer.

“David Rosenfield’s Son of Ojito will never attract the masses of radio listeners, those who consume catchy chorus lines and synth beats, loud wardrobes and louder personalities. And that is for the best. The fourteen tracks featured in Son of Ojito, the Seattle native’s first album, contain the essential ingredients of “great” music: for starters, carefully-crafted lyrics that serve as social commentary and an unrelenting flow of passionate vocals matched by a refined guitar sound.” - Benjamin McNeil, Pulse

"...the way in which he writes and sings his story-like lyrics is astonishing – he is a true 21st century story teller through music." - Vandala Ezine, March 2011. 

Born in Seattle, raised in California, David now resides in Tampa, FL. He has performed in the Tampa Bay area, solo and with his former band, Interstate Walkers, since 2004. He has shared the bill with rock bands, songwriters and poets. His music has been played on the radio around the US, and in Canada and Italy.


If the Trees Had Feet

Written By: David Rosenfield and Andy Taylor

I'm an old dead beetle lost under the glass
And you can't see me no more
Trod my feet on under the black sky
It's the middle of the time just before

I'm an old man no matter how hard I try
The page won't stop
We write another line
I'm more the same and the moon's crazy shine
Follows me and won't be left behind

If the trees had feet then they would walk
Swaying from side to side
If I had roots I would rustle my leaves
All the nighttime

The sky hauls down
A black morass
I look and I stare
The wind hauls in with its eddies in tow
It is neither here nor there

I'm an old man no matter how young I get
I've got layer upon layer of it
And you can't see but you know what I mean
It's a filter, a shield or a screen

Beat your pans with a wooden spoon
Sing loud and out of key
Come after me down Bryant St
With the sparks and the stars and the cold wet air
Trailing you and me

Constant Longing

Written By: David Rosenfield

I am a man of constant longing
I've known sorrow and relief
And hard by the Gulf of Mexico
I know love and clemency

Rise up now all restless figures
High noon is coming round
Grab a scene from Carolina
And chase them to the ground

Rise up now all willing victims
Run them from your eyes
Eighty miles in you'll sweep
And eighty miles wide

And in the old sand flats
Where our mothers sleep
To the farthest reaches
Of conspiracy

From the mountains sweet
To the country deep
I am longing and longing
And longing and longing

I'm going off now with this ring through my nose
I'm going off now with this ring through my nose
I'm going off now with this ring through my nose
When you see me coming
Man you better go

I am strong but I am tired
I am strong but I am tired
I'm happy with my life
But I've got old desires
I've been working all my life
I am strong but I am tired

There's no house up on that hill
There's no house up on that hill
There's no house up on that hill
This is Clearwater, man, there ain't no hills
And I'm rolling on besides
I still got my pride

I am a man of constant longing
For trouble or for grace
I want to pride myself on my fury
Settle myself in peace
And travel the world
I am longing to be
I am
I was longing to be
I am

The Cash You Have

Written By: David Rosenfield

The cash you have casts a shadow
And at a certain time of day
The peasants pull back their windows
To let in the cool shade

The arms you wear are like curtains
The face you have not your own
But you whistle and tumble and sometimes fumble
And no one can leave you alone

It's a past that I know is not eaten
As the present in which you still stand
But the present is giving a curtain call
You bow, we'll give you a hand

Now nobody ever remembers
The days they spent under you
Nobody knows they're your dogs and your goats
Your corn and your oats
Your gas and your fire
Your fuel and your wire
Your hard times your hard time
Your gruel

And there's a cast in the greeny sea
That knows nothing of you
And nothing of me
And when you drown you'll rot
But you will not
It's the same for you as it is for me
I'll meet you in the green green sea

And all the young things all the time
Aren't enough to keep you alive
And all the toes on which you stand
Are mountainous too
And just like you
Will unify with this land

I was playing your pipes
In my old overalls
And drowning, just drowning, and clutching it all
I was singing some words and talking to you
Now I'm writing and driving my horseless caboose

I was whistling old songs
And talking to Pan
Now I'm riding and clutching this pen in my hand
I was playing my sax
Like an old dying goose
Sometimes it's tighter
But mostly it's loose

And organs just tinkle like capital crimes
One man was shot down, another just smiled
And the clavichord's moan sounds like giggling girls
Hit the keys ain't it sweet
Too goddamned commercial

Ain't it rough when you think
Too much about sad things
Giving up's not a reason
For giving up more
Ain't it glad when you look
At the good you remember
Ain't it the way that you thought it before


Written By: David Rosenfield

Because you're young and you're heavy and you sing the blues
Because you're old and decrepit and battered and bruised
Because you're soft and you're smooth and your body is brown
For one reason or another we want you around

Because you're hard and you're desperate and your face it can bite
Because you're adolescent, skinny and foolish and white
Because you're talking too much and we don't want to hear
For one reason or another we don't want you here

Because life is trippy and you think it's too short
Because worlds are expendable if you have no remorse
Because semen is sealing the fate of mankind
Think of something good we've got to unwind

Rat races don't breed the thinkers we need
Because cogs are meant to turn at one speed
Because minnows will swim the way that they're shown
No one will step up to take on the throne

Because Mary is Molly is Bonnie is Clyde
Because people are people and have feelings inside
Because the simple words never came out
No one listened no one cared and they kept going down

Because power is pure if you hold it just right
Because little children laughing will make old men sigh
Because sorrow is forever if you choose it to be
Wrap your loving arms round me

Baba Baba

Written By: David Rosenfield

She was waltzing with seventeen seconds to spare
She had a long memory and malicious stare
She had bows tying back her graying hair
And when the band played a march she just stood and stared

There's an old cow grazing in the fields at night
There's an old saw singing everything's all right
There's a waltz for pretenders and a waltz for you
I am drumming on my matchbox 3, 1, 2

And it's a hard time, but they don't care
It's the cold hand of fate looking for its mate
Groping and rummaging everywhere

Baba Baba
Give me a smile
Come on, Baba, it's worth your while

And she was standing
By the cold flat bar
She didn't drink
She was looking hard

And he chuckled
Too soft to see
You could hear it
By the way he breathed

And it's a play now
Four acts, two sets
And between the lines
The words had sex

Never has a whistle lasted for so long
Not one missing link has been so strong
No other march has gone so wrong
This farce, this farce is so headstrong

And it's the North Pole
And the South Pole too
It's the Western Horizon
Looking for you

And she's a strong one
And she lives
And it's you
That she takes and gives.

She was waltzing with seventeen seconds to spare
She had a long memory and malicious stare
She had bows tying back her graying hair
And when the band played a march she just stood and stared.


Untitled EP- 2013

Son of Ojito - 2011

Airplay on WCVM (Morrisville, NY);WSHC (Shepherdstown, WV); KMNR (Rolla, MO);
KUWS (Superior, WI); KWLC (Decorah, IA); WBOR (Brunswick, ME); WOBN (Westerville, OH);
CFCR (Saskatoon, SA); CFRE (Mississauga, ON); CHRW (London, ON); CJUM (Winnipeg, MAN); KALA (Davenport, IA);
KAPU (Azusa, CA); KCCR (Tacoma, WA); KDNK (Carbondale, CO); KDUP (Portland, OR); KEOL (La Grande, OR);
KGFN (El Cajon, CA); KHNS (Haines, AK); KIDE (Hoopa, CA); KJAK (Flagstaff, AZ); KLCR (Dubuque, IA);
KLPI (Ruston, LA); KMUD (Redway, CA); KRVS (Lafayette, LA); KUNI (Cedar Falls, IA); KVNF (Paonia, CO);
KZMU (Moab, UT); WAMH (Amherst, MA); WBLD (W. Bloomfield, MI); WCCH (Holyoke, MA); WCVF (Fredonia, NY);
WCWP (Brookville, NY); WFCF (St. Augustine, FL); WMHD (Terre Haute, IN); WMNF (Tampa, FL);
WMPG (Portland, ME); WRBC (Lewiston, ME); WRPI (Troy, NY); WSUP (Platteville, WI); WVUD (Newark, DE) and Radio Voce Spazio (Alessandria, Italy).

"Way of Life" single, with Interstate Walkers (released for online streaming) - 2008 (played on WMNF 88.5, Tampa)

Interstate Walkers EP - 2007

Demo CD - 2004

Set List

30 to 90 minutes; all original except as noted.

Fairies and Trolls
Mason Dixon
Oh Alva
John Henry's Dead
Fatalist and Optimist
Oh Now All the Time
It's Fun Riding Earthquakes
If the Trees Had Feet
You Ain't Goin Nowhere (Dylan)
Sore Man's Blues
A Greyhound or a Rat
Elijah (Mountain Goats)
Old Man Elevator
Time Keeps Going Faster
Less Grown Home Poem
Deep Elem Blues (traditional)
The Cash You Have
Way of Life
Slam the Door
We are Gonna Be Friends (White Stripes)
Baba Baba
Constant Longing
Hotel Yorba (White Stripes)
Stars that Live Forever
The Cat's Meowing
Streetlights Playing Dixie
Sing It