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The best kept secret in music



David Rotundo,perhaps the most exciting young harp player on the blues scene today - Andrew Galloway/ Electro-Fi Records

"David Rotundo "Blues Ignited""

Well, he's finally done it...David Rotundo has elevated his game up to the next Big Time level, a level that puts him on the same playing field as the artists he grew up listening to. While most critics/fans expected his progression given the quality of his previous recordings, Rotundo can now be called one of the top 10 Blues performers in Canada and that actually means something now given the rise in Canadian talents in the last decade. This CD will undoubtedly be recoginzed by the toughest critics of all, the European Blues audience.
Apparently Rotundo is a long time acquaintance of guest guitarist Enrico Crivellaro, one of the hottest young Blues pickers on the scene today, and his very visible (audible) presence makes this album work very well indeed with a shared 'balance of power'.
Rotundo may be a young man (late twenties?) but he's a time warp patron who is in absolute love with vintage 1950's sounds (less-is-best) and it's a good thing considering so many of today's harp players are into the busy-busy blowing syndrome. David has obviously been listening to the right guys and his Sonny Boy-style approach is always sweet to my ears (especially on "Can I Come into Your Kitchen"). All of the songs are originals with a similar formula/feel throughout and every tune (save "I've Got To Move" with the great Jack de Keyzer on guitar) features dynamic, interplay between Crivellaro and Rotundo. "The Sway" shows Rotundo ain't no one-trick-pony as he picks up Chromatic harp and doles a vintage West Coast thing that's mighty impressive. You'll get a message on "Sellout Or Starve" as the band lays down a dirty Memphis/Chicago '50's groove. I have to be perfectly honest; I'm caught off guard by David Rotundo's emergence as a world-level player but whether I'm ready or not for it is a moot point. He's here and he's damn good and nobody should be able to keep this young man down and confined to the cheap-money bar gigs. He's proven with "Blues Ignited" that's he's as good as many of the acts on the worldwide Festival circuit (and he's truly better than quite a few who are recognized 'stars).
I believe it's time to make way for David Rotundo
- Real Blues #27

"Maple Blues Newsletter 2003"

As a whole, this genre is over-run with young, sensational guitar players. However, it has been ages since a youthful spitfire set the harp ablaze. Maple Blues (New Artist) Award winning David Rotundo is exactly what the blues needs now. David plays the harp on Blowin' For Broke (Stone Pillar Productions) as if madly possessed by the ghosts of Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter and George "Harmonica" Smith. In 1997, Rotundo formed a band called the Blue Canadians (Peter Schmidt guitar, Shane Scott bass, Julian Fauth piano and Walter Maclean drums) and they began playing the Toronto circuit. Blowin' For Broke was recorded with them and released in 2001. The album was produced by Rotundo/Scott and features 12 songs that last 52 minutes. However, you will want to hear David's heavy harp for longer than that. Many debuts contain too many over-played covers while others record too many immature originals. Thanks to 'ahead-of-his-time' songwriting capabilities, Rotundo wisely decided not to record any covers. David's style of blues can be found in his song's titles. Shakin', bustin', boogie and shuffle all accurately describe his music. "Make Up Your Mind" is a throw back to an era of blues harp gone by. Although David's vocals are a bit rough, his harmonica wails with confidence and conviction. A boogie scuffle with a West coast feel follows, called "I'm Waiting." It has a contagious beat and complex timing. "Bourbon St. Blues" is a slow blues where the gaps are filled by Julian's tingling riffs. The song's guitar solo is barn-burning, while the harp solo will leave you awestruck. The drums are royally slapped around, producing big bangs on "I'm Into It." Rotundo is more than into it, he is on top of it! (A video of the track featuring Rotundo's overwhelming performance recently aired as part of Bravo! TV Canada's Talkin' Blues series.) The big, acoustic bass gets smacked around on the swinging "Butt Bustin' Boogie," which is a sheer party. "My Leg Is Shakin'" features twice, once as an alternate take. Aren't those supposed to be saved for box sets? The tune(s) features the classic call and response format, a bone-rattling piano solo and screeching harp. Listeners will require mighty fine hearing to determine the differences between the two versions. "Devil In A Dress" combines elements of "I'm A Man" and "Evil." It's a rockin' blues number from the Chess era.
If Rotundo is the next generation's blues harp ambassador, then Fauth is the young prince of the keyboards. He makes the 88s dance especially on the dangling instrumental, "P.T. Shuffle." "Astro Van Blues" is a relaxed and calming instrumental where the harp displays a peaceful and soothing tone. David Rotundo, a stronger musician than producer, knows how to write mean blues tunes about women and drinking and blows harp with plenty of charisma. He has the potential to do for the harp what youngbloods like Jonny Lang did for the guitar. Canadian music legend Ronnie Hawkins nailed it when he said, "Rotundo plays the blues the way the blues are supposed to be played." And its a pleasure, a pure pleasure to experience.
- John Valenteyn

"David Rotundo"

David's among the select few, one of those rare players who can sustain interest for as long as he chooses to keep blowin.
Maple Blues Newsletter - August 2001

- Mapleblues

"Post - Mapleblues List"

Post from Al Kirkcaldy DJ, CFFF 92.7 FM (95.3 cable) Trent Radio, 02/06/05
I have to write this after catching David Rotundo at the Red Dog last week.
At this year's Handy weekend in Memphis, one name kept coming up over and over again.
Players, industry types and fans alike unknowingly put their own spin on the Canadian harp player's marketing phrase.
They were not asking "Where is David Rotundo?".
They were asking "Who is this David Rotundo?" - in reaction to his playing on Finis Tasby's Electro-Fi disc "What My Blues Are All About". Thanks to Andrew Galloway and his wide product distribution, our neighbours to the south have been exposed to yet another young Canadian talent who takes a back seat to no one in their backyard.
Not since NorthernBlues Music's Paul Reddick was nominated for a Handy and tore up Silky O'Sullivan's on Beale a couple of years ago had there been such a buzz about a Canuck blues player. And David wasn't even there.
Yet, like I said, I probably wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't heard him last Friday night.
He and the band simply blew me away. It was as good a show as I've heard in a long time.
In my opinion, David has taken it up a notch and joined an elite group of players. Taste, tone, texture and sustain - it's all in there.
I hope he keeps getting the breaks that he needs. I know he's in it for the long haul and he deserves a first class ticket. - Al Kirkcaldy, Promoter/Radio Personality

"Mapleblues post /Oct 2005"

*Last Friday, David Rotundo did a lot to close the gap between our «Two Solitudes», when he played to a delighted crowd at 'La Grange Marcoux', a blues barn (!) just outside the Old Capital.
His heartfelt blues, combined with his outstanding band, had the fans clapping, dancing and yelling for more.
He will be welcome there any time now.
- Micheal Dubois, Quebec City Radio Personality


"Blowin for Broke" Stone Pillar/2001 Nominated by Canadian Independent Artist Association " Blues Album 2001"
"Blue Ignited" featuring Enrico Crivellaro,
Stone Pillar/2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Releasing his critically acclaimed debut CD "Blowin for Broke" nominated by the Canadian Independent Artist Association, “Blues Album of 2001”, harmonica player David Rotundo notified the blues community of a new star & voice on the horizon.
In 2003 he released to rave reviews his second CD "Blues Ignited". This album, as was his first, is entirely comprised of original music written by Rotundo.
An International touring artist, his name is recognized for electrifying performances in the festivals and venues of Europe, the USSR, Canada & the USA.
By many, a live performance is deemed superior and this is where Rotundo with his band excels. You are instantly aware of his mesmeric stage presence and passion for the music.
Labeling David Rotundo a blues protagonist is a definite understatement! His captivating shows expel high energy, are full of “rockin” Chicago blues and up tempo west coast swing. Dark & poignant moments of lost love, betrayal, despair and melancholy also serve to underline and punctuate his performances.
Numerous nominations and awards attest to his talent including the prestigious CBC/Galaxie Rising Star Award.
Music legend Ronnie Hawkins, ecstatically proclaimed “David Rotundo Plays the Blues the Way they should be Played, Keep Rockin” A quote displayed prominently on David’s’ debut CD.
Humbled and gratified Rotundo enjoys the support & respect of his fellow artists, considering himself privileged to have shared stages with Jeff Healey, Edgar Winter, Ronnie Hawkins, Lee Oskar (War), Willie Big Eyes Smith (Muddy Waters Band), Madagascar Slim, Jack de Keyzer, Mel Brown, Finis Tasby, Sonny Rhodes, Henry Butler, Lil Ed & The Blue Imperials along with many others including actor Steven Segal.
Inspired by Cotton, Motivated by the Legends, Dilligently Developing Rotundo