David R. Smith

David R. Smith


Americana singer/songwriter, David R. Smith writes from the heart sharing his thoughts on life and love in all his songs. David’s style crosses country, light rock and folk all in one, with a smooth vocal style that is very easy to listen to. Great sound...


"At the age of twelve [12 years]I got my first guitar and started taking lessons at the local music shop where I first learned to play chords." By the age of seventeen [17 years] David had already started his first band. The name of that band, “Lil Abner” was a band of local musicians and friends who played local clubs and school dances. At the age of twenty [20 years] David entered Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he spent 3 years honing his writing and playing skills. "The main focus of my early studies was in performing and studio engineering." David spent time engineering other students projects and playing on studio projects as a session musician. While at Berklee, David played in various musical groups and became familiar with several genres of music. David involved himself in jazz, pop music, and even had the opportunity to write and produce some jingles for radio stations. After three years at Berklee, David was hired to play guitar and sing with the Nick Castle Orchestra at the Balsams Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. The bandleader was a sax player from the big band era who had played with Benny Goodman and it was there in that environment that David learned many of the big band styles. David had befriended a piano player who played the lounge at the Balsams Resort and the two of them formed a duo called, “The Badlands Gang.” We played the winter months at the ski resort as well as “The Cave” at the Balsams. They we got the bright idea to head out west to California and to check into the local music scene there. David took a day job and hooked up with a drummer in the LA area. The three boys formed a trio of guitar, piano and drums and started playing the local club scene in Los Angeles. David eventually landed back in New York and was called to join a new band called, “Reflections,” from the Schenectady, New York area. The band played many local clubs, weddings, and hot spots in all sorts of venues. This band allowed David to write some original material. They band went into the studio, and recorded some original tunes. One of the songs, “Breakaway,” was released and made the “recommended picks” in Billboard. David later recorded some songs over an extended period of time at a Studio in Keene, New Hampshire . These 9 new songs along with the help of some local session players made up his demo. Jan Uvena who was the drummer for Alice Cooper and Alcatrazz played on David’s original song demos. At the conclusion of all of this, those songs were submitted to Nashville’s Music Row. David Robert Smith performed on a local television show where he lived in Reading, Vt.. The television station, Channel 8, in Windsor County Vermont has had a tremendous response to David’s music. The Vermont Standard in Woodstock Vermont refers to David as the “money voice.” David had played Country Music’s largest event, Fan Fair 2005

Some places previously performed at:

Williamson County Fair, Franklin, TN

The Balsams 5 Star Resort Hotel, New Hampshire

The Bluebird Café, Nashville

The Gibson Showcase Theatre, Nashville


Let's Runaway to Vegas

Written By: David R. Smith

Let’s Runaway to Vegas
David R. Smith

Started talking to this dark eyed girl
We hit it off right away
At a poolside court, by an old café
Where outdoor musician’s play

We talked for hours but it seemed like years
Where have you been girl all my life
See just smiled and grabbed my hand
As if to understand
What I was about to say right then


Let’s runaway to Vegas
Cause only time can save us
Before we change our minds again

Then we can really find out
If this thing will work out
So here’s a cigar band for a ring
Let’s start this crazy thing


I called the waiter over one more time
Two margaritas if you please
We are celebrating our
Big upcoming day
A round of drinks man if you please



I never thought I’d
Do do such a thing
But if it feels right, Oh
I would change a thing

Please Let Me Stay

Written By: David R. Smith

Please Let Me Stay
David R. Smith

He went off to work again
It’s a quarter past three
It’s just him and his old shaggy dog
Who can barely see

It’s time to haul another load
Past the ole state line
He’s just hopin he can stay awake
Right now he’s doin fine..he says


Oh lord, help me Jesus
Help me through another day
I know I’m not here forever
But I would like to stay

I promise I will do your work
And help out when I can
If only I can get the chance
Oh, please let me stay


He was movin down that highway
When he heard that tire blow
He’s just holdin on so very tight
And wonders if he’ll go

To that ole promised land
That he’s heard so much about
Just one more second till he hits
And you can hear him say.



If only for awhile
I would like to see
My hope for a better life
For my kids and for me


The truck skidded off the interstate
And slid right on its side
He’s layin off to the left
with his dog there by his side

He turns on the CB
And calls out in the night
Can anybody hear me
Is there anyone in sight..

He says… chorus….. and out

On A Country Road

Written By: David R. Smith

On a Country Road

Drivin down that country road
Like many times before
When I came across and old gray barn with a plain old dusty floor
Where I learned to dance and I learned to sing

Its were I meet my one first love
And where I learned to dance
Sitting out beneath the stars and staying up all night
And comin home at four
On a country road

Oh things have never been so good
As they were in ‘74
Drivin down that dusty road with the pedal to the floor Oh..


On a country road is where I learned to dance
Learned to love and learned to sing
Its where I’d race ole Billy Joe down to that big old barn
On a country road that winds down past a field over a hill
And over yon
Oh it looks so dare good to me…On a country road..


Its gettin late, I guess I’ll go before it gets to dark
Listen to those crickets sing a cold dark song tonight
Getting in my car, down that country road

Oh things have never looked so good as they did in ‘74
Driven down that dusty road with the pedal to the floor

Chorus; then to instrumental bridge

Back to chorus then out…


Hello- Lamon Records, 2006

Let's Runaway to Vegas- WildOats Records- single-2008

Please let me Stay- WildOats Records- single-2008

"Hello" was sent out to various Americana/Country stations in Europe and America, had heavy play in France and upstate N.Y.

Set List

Set list is mostly originals from my first CD to the singles I released with WildOats Records.

On A Country Road
Lets Runaway to Vegas
Please let me Stay
Thought I'd never
Even though shes Four (song for my daughter)
Redneck Road
Even Now
The Box
Remember Me
Something I Couldn't Do
Leavin Tennessee
When the West Wind Blows
Goodbye Mornin Train
This night Won't Last Forever (cover)