David R. Western

David R. Western


I am a passionate lyricist writing from the heart of what I know to be truth, about this journey known as life. Always spiritually influenced, I am a storyteller, but not a fiction writer. Sometimes the words encourage, often they are painful, but they are always real.


My influences are quite varied, though I listen to a lot of country it wasn’t always so.
Jackson Brown has always been a favorite for meaningful lyrics. Rodney Crowell and Vince Gill are tops! Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins and more recently Montgomery Gentry. Some Christian Artist who inspire include John Tesh, Robin Mark, and Paul Baleche.The greatest influence has been the voice within, shouting to be heard.
I wrote my first song in 1997 at the age of 38. I had a moment of clarity, and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to put to words, the message that was given to me in a “vision” some 15 years prior, after a near death experience. I wrote “Priceless Treasure” in 45 minutes. Divinely inspired, the words of every verse were given as fast as I could write. The message is very personal, but most importantly, it is a message of powerful truths, meant to be heard.
Drugs and alcohol ruled in my life for 25 years. At 23, I was a founding member of what has become the largest motorcycle club in the State of Hawaii. Through the years living the lifestyle of a rebel and an outlaw, I had many brushes with the law and have faced charges including but not limited to-carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, assault, assault on a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, numerous arrest for DUI, two within a period of 24 hours.
In 2001 I was committed to serve 2.5 years in the Arizona Dept. of Corrections. I entered the system committed to change the man I had become, and to some how harvest something positive from what I believed would be darkest period in my entire life. By stepping into His light, this time was anything but wasted. I educated myself, and wholly embraced the word of God, re-dedicating my life and receiving many blessings in return. The most important work being the renewing of my mind, and the spiritual healing of my heart and soul. Though the hardest time I’ve ever endured, my prison experience was-the best thing that ever happened to me. (He promises never to give us more adversity than we are able to endure, but it seems He’ll take us right to the very limit!). If not for this time, I would not, could not, have receive the instruction and blessings He had for me necessary to bring about the changes I prayed for. Had He not had the time to complete this work in my life, I would not have emerged a transformed and different man than the angry, bitter, morally, and spiritually bankrupt fellow who went in. I now, and always will testify to the power of God to change a man, and of loving grace for all mankind. May all who read these words “know His grace”. It’s not a perfect world, but He gives His perfect Word to live.
Guided by His Spirit, I co-wrote 8 praise and worship songs during this time. I also wrote another 9 country and blues songs, the flagship being “The Bird of Prey,” a secular song which ends with a twist, confirming answer to prayer. The Spirit, and the people and experiences in my life influenced all songs. Some describe pain and disappointment, some speak of love and success, but all are spoken from the deep recesses of the heart, and they are all real.
I am hopeful of making some connections through this site, to have the right people review the lyrics and assist in taking this all to the next level. I find it very difficult finding the time while working for a living, and harder still finding sincerely interested parties who would feel inspired to join me. But I sincerely believe the door will be opened... in His time


Priceless Treasure

Written By: David R Western

Priceless Treasure copyright2003

Note:The chorus after each verse is changed and unique to that particular verse, they are, none of them, the same. The song seems long, however it is usually presented in about 3.5 minutes.

Some men search for silver,
And some men search for gold
Some men find the treasure,
And some will just grow old
I searched the whole world over,
To hell and back it seems
And then I found real treasure, Revealed to me in dream.

The love that I was seeking,
Was never far away
The treasure I had searched for,
I'll share with you today
It won't cost you a single cent,
It's free to you and me
Just listen now, I'll tell you how,
This treasure came to be.

A child in a darkened forest, Searched for something lost
Desperate search not ever knowing, What treasure was, or what it cost
I saw the brightest light, you've ever seen,
The pure and righteous dove
God spoke to me, in my dream,
This message of His love

The love that I was seeking,
was never out of reach
The truth that I was searching for, He gives freely to us each
It's life that's everlasting, with Him in paradise
So praise the Lord, give thanks to Him
Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

His voice held awesome power,
pure love and yet so fierce!
His wondrous light did shine so bright,
As through the trees it pierced.
“What is it that you search for? Child, tell it to me now!”
"I've lost it,” I replied in shame, "don’t know what, or when, or how.”

The love that I was seeking,
was never far away
The truth that I was searching for, you can know today
His Spirit lives inside you,
He's knocking at your door
Just turn away from sin,
return to Him
And you need search no more.

“That which you seek is within you, you'll not find Him here,
Look deep inside,
Son, lose your pride.”
It suddenly was clear.
Awakening I realized,
just what a fool I'd been.
I'd searched for years for treasure, and found myself in sin.

The love that I was seeking,
was never out of reach
The truth that I was searching for, He gives freely to us each
It's life that's everlasting,
with Him in paradise
So praise the Lord, give thanks to Him,
For treasured Jesus Christ.

And so I found my treasure,
the sweet blood of the Lamb
If your still out there searching,
just reach out and take His hand.
He promises salvation,
For walking with His Son.
Praise the Lord, give thanks to Him, God loves you everyone!

The love that we're all seeking,
is never far away
The truth we've all been searching for,
God's gift to you this day!
It's life now everlasting,
with Him in paradise
So praise the Lord, give thanks to Him,
For treasured Jesus Christ

And now you know my story,
and how I came to see.
It's His life’s blood that saves us, Christ died for you and me.
So won't you claim your treasure now?
Embrace our Lord today,
Yes, Jesus Christ the Savior,
Has washed all sins away!

The love that I was seeking,
was never out of reach
The truth that I was looking for,
He gives freely to us each
Yes life now everlasting,
with Him in Paradise.
So Praise the Lord, give thanks to Him,
For treasured Jesus Christ!

Yes, praise you Lord, and thank you God...
For the Priceless Treasure...
Jesus Christ!


Written By: David R. Western

This song was written in prison, inspired by a very old gentleman I met there,who's life, after serving more than 25 years, was for all intent and purpose over. Though he was not suicidal, he had lost his mind insofar as having a grip on present day reality. Still, he was a kind and gentle old soul who loved God, so I looked out for, and along with a few others, took care of Mike as best we could. I often looked into those old blue eyes of his and wondered where the memories took him when he got "out there". Though unlikely that he had many years of life left when released, Mike possessed a few simple things that inspired me and would be a blessing at anytime, in anyones life.
Faith, the size of a mustard seed. Hope, based on the promises of God's word.
Love, a great love for God... and for everyone.
No one I have ever met before, or after, had more of a right to be bitter and angry, for the great injustice done to him, but not Mike. He chose to accept it, trust, and believe that God is in control, and all things work for the best, for those who believe. Amazing witness! God Bless you Mike, wherever you are!

THE BIRD OF PREY copyright2003

The concrete and steel, are painted dismal gray
And the steel door slams, on another day
His tortured soul cries out, from this living hell
All alone in the world, of a prison cell.
He’s talking to himself, no one cares or hears
Seems he’s lost his mind, after all these years
And his old blue eyes, just stare into space
The hard lines of age, on his convict’s face.

1st chorus
Now there’s a bird of prey, with eagle’s eyes,
Flying high and circling.
He sees right through the old stone walls,
And he feels the suffering
While a man through the bars, looks up in the sky
And feels a burning deep desire,
That he could fly like that bird of prey,
Flying high over razor wire.

So many years ago, the words of her last note.
“I’m sorry I can’t wait,” and that was all she wrote.
He'd say, "You can’t blame her, it’s not her debt to pay."
But from that moment on, he died a little each day.
The changing world outside,
He knows nothing about.
From these old stone walls, they’ll never let him out
In his tortured mind, there’s just one thing to do
There’s nothing left at all, of the life he knew.

And his heart still aches when he thinks about,
Where the two of them might be.
With her faded image laughing,
In an ancient memory.
But the past is gone forever,
the years consumed as if by fire.
And he knows only the wind blows free…
Through the razor wire.

Now he’s on his knees, prays his last request,
“Lord, please set me free, give my spirit rest,
And Father take me home,
Lord, to be with you,
And forgive me now, what I’m about to do.”
There’s a bird of prayer, in the desert skies
Soaring high above, as a prisoner dies
As the life pours out, from his opened veins
He’ll be free at last, from the prison chains.

2nd chorus
And the cold stone walls, he passes through,
As only spirits can
While the bird of prey, in a screaming dive,
Joins the spirit of a man
Free at last, and on eagles wings
Together, and climbing higher
As freedom calls, they clear old stone walls
And sail… over razor wire


Written By: David R. Western

The Shepard’s Call copyright2003

When I was lost, I heard my Savior call
"Come unto me," He calls us one and all
"Come unto Me, and I will heal thee
Just come unto Me"

Just as we are, forgiven all iniquity
And through his grace, my brothers we are all set free
His perfect love, promised for all eternity
The Shepherd calls, “Just come unto Me”

So long ago, he faced this world alone
He knows your heart, He chose you as His own
“Thy flesh is weak, but I will strengthen thee,
Just come unto Me”

“Just come unto me, to sing with angels way up high”
Though they crucified, the Lord, my God, He is alive!
“Just come unto me, my children I will set you free!”
The Shepherd calls, “Just come unto Me”

It's a long hard road, and through a narrow gate
Until then I pray, Lord, I can hardly wait
To be with you, and walk those streets of gold
Lord, to come to thee!

And over all, He's been given all authority
With His living Word, He can make a blind man see
His perfect love, promised for all eternity
The Shepherd calls, "Just come unto Me"

Now we all were lost, but we hear our Savior call
"Come unto Me, "He calls us one and all
"Come unto Me, and I will heal Thee,
Just come unto Me"

Lord you knew my heart, and still you chose me as your own
Promising us all, that we would never be alone
Your perfect love, forgiving all iniquity
The Shepherd calls,"Just come unto Me"

Just as we are, my Lord, you lived, you died for me!
We come to Thee, a lame man walks, a blind man sees!
“Come unto Me,” He calls, “and I will set you free”
The Shepherd calls, “Just come unto Me”

final chorus
Lord we come to Thee, we sing and praise your name on high
Though they crucified,
The Lord, my God, He is alive!
“Come unto Me, My children, I will set you free!”
And the Shepherd calls, “Just come unto Me”



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