David Sanchez

David Sanchez

 Pasadena, California, USA
SoloCountryAdult Contemporary

Great melodies and lyrics. Not a band. A songwriter.


David Sanchez is a professional songwriter in the Los Angeles area.


The Other Side of Lonely

Written By: David Sanchez, Rick Leather, BJ Peace

The Other Side of Lonely
By David Sanchez, Rick Leather & Bobby Joe Peace

Girl, it’s good to see you after all this time
Guess my loss was California's gain
Sure hope… the west coast… is treatin’ you alright
Me...I guess I've been ok
But I know I'll see better days

Somewhere on the other side of lonely
When I can finally make it through
One night when I don't ache for you
I’ll find someplace where your memory don't own me
Somewhere on the other side of lonely

Girl, I’m not holdin’ things against you now
Sometimes you gotta chase your dreams alone
And I’ll get past …prayin’ that ...you’ll be back somehow
Once this single thread of hope
Turns me loose and lets me go.

Repeat Chorus:

I've never walked a road
So long 'n dark and cold
Tryin’ to get you off my mind
Has been an endless, uphill climb

Repeat Chorus: (Add “But”…’But somewhere…, etc.’)

Somewhere on the other side of lonely