David's Bandana

David's Bandana

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

(1) pint of Blues (2) cups of Latin (3) tbsp Classic Rock (2) squirts of Funk (1) pinch of Spaghetti Western Preheat oven to 420. Soak in booze. Let Marinate. Best served on ice.


The great Bill Withers once said, “Don’t worry about anything, just do what you do and do it good.” And that is probably the best short description of David’s Bandana. As a five piece band with various musical interests, including Bossa Nova, Blues, Classic Rock, Spaghetti Western, Funk, Folk, Psychedelic, and Soul, it would be easy to interchange the members musical tastes until we found a sound that’s most appealing to the general public. However, as Bill Withers advised, what matters is that your heart and soul is in the music that you create as a band. It was with those words in our collective mind, that we have been able to find a comfortable niche in the songwriting process. By laboriously making sure that everyone in the band is completely satisfied with our songs and that all those artists that each one of us was passionate about is speaking through us, we have created music that can be shortly described as a hybrid between Latin and Blues. It will be hard, though, for the listener to miss elements of other genres in our music, such as those mentioned earlier. It is our hope that we can continue to embody a unique genre of music that hasn’t made a strong impact in the local music scene, and to always have our heart in it.


Long Black Hair - Streaming on 97.5KMOD

Set List

Currently, we can play around 90 minutes of original music, & another two hours of covers. Anything from Creedence to Janis, Beatles to Floyd.