David Scott Keller

David Scott Keller


A blend of smooth vocals and heartfelt rhythms.

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It Ain't a Heart Break

Written By: David Scott Keller

Verse 1

I don’t wanna see you no more

Its harder for me than it was before

You took me for granted I move on

Its better for you that im gone

Verse 2

Walking in circles all the time

Never was the kind to walk a straight line

You cant blame a guy for tryin to understand

I am not the family kind of man


Unless I feel it break
It aint a heart break
Until I feel the ache
Unless I feel the break
It aint a heart break
Until I feel it ache

Verse 3

I hear that time heals old wounds

And if I ain’t ready now I will be soon

Forgive and forget I guess that’s just the way

I think that this time I will stay