David Scratch

David Scratch


Folk Rock-Pop. I good mix of piano driven tunes mixed with lyrics that can effect just about anyone.

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The View of New York City

Written By: David Scratch

Look straight ahead and tell me everything you see
look past the broken dreams and let's just decide to be
cover the past and let's move on, maybe that's the key
locate the wonder
in everything
and let's be free.

Through the clouds
Through the blue
Through this window we're watching
Maybe we will fly
Through the days
Through the air
Through these darkening skies
I know we'll find our way

Shrouded in Cloth are the secrets you hide
The pictures that I took
Never believe that this could be the end
Our grounding never shook
I left all my love in that camera you're hiding
It won't let me off the hook
But maybe you'll find it one day in your city
and then we'll have a look


This view will never show me
The city right below me
I'd rather live in silence
Than be forgotten.


Set List

The View of New York City
Middle Road
Counting Cowards
Both Sides Now (Cover of Joni Mitchell)