David Seale

David Seale


Like an amusement park, just unplugged.


Raised on Sesame Street, Meet The Beatles, Live From San Quentin, and "Sweet Caroline", molded early by REM, and the paisley underground, and further influenced by Crowded House, Matt Nathanson, and Emmylou Harris, Seale brings over 15 years of live professional experience in clubs, festivals, schools, libraries, and coffeehouses across 5 states as well as five 'grown up' studio releases with a new children's CD due in September and one with his new band, The Go Tell Crusade, in October.

Along with playing for adults, Seale has spent the last five years also playing for kids, appearing at over 25 libraries in Alabama alone, as well as sets for schools, youth centers, and festivals. His sets (as well as his upcoming release) are original, mixing songs and stories with interactive songwriting and plenty of laughs for all.

As a solo artist or as part of the bands Wednesday Call and Three Hour Tour, Seale has played with David LaMotte, Wes McDonald, and Hootie and the Blowfish as well as sharing the stage with countless national recording artists at festivals like City Stages, New South Music Showcase, and CityFest.

Along with his brother, David has started Warning Track Records, an indie label based in Birmingham, and they released their first compilation in June of 2008 (www.cdbaby.com/warningtrack).


Simple Glances (2001)
Beautiful Mess (2002)
I Told You Forever (2004 w/ the band Wednesday Call)
After You Leaned In... (2007)
Warning Track Records Compilation - Summer 2008
One Last Hour (2008)

Set List

30-40 minutes of original songs and stories, as well as interactive songwriting where kids get to participate. Songs are about simple things, places, people, and situations to which kids ages 4-7 can relate.