David Seale and the Endangered Species

David Seale and the Endangered Species


Take some power pop, mix it with a dose of groove and Southern acoustic vibe, throw in a dash of Crowded House, REM, The Police, The Clash, and Dave Matthews, add a pinch of Muscle Shoals, and for good measure toss in nearly 20 years of live playing experience. That's David Seale and the Species.


Guy with over 15 years of professional playing experience approached by younger guys about forming a band that plays guy's stuff. A combination of extensive live experience, 4 chord hooks, influences across the spectrum, professional music instruction, and a true love of performing have created the next big thing out of Birmingham.


David Seale solo albums (all available on CDBaby, iTunes, Napster, etc): "Simple Glances" (2001) and "Beautiful Mess" (2002)

new Species album due in April 2007

Set List

We can do opening band sets (45 min.) or headline sets (1.5 - 2 hours), all originals.

Seale can also do solo acoustic sets up to an hour and a half.