David Sha

David Sha

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopRock

David Sha is a known and respected member of the Houston Underground Hip-Hop community. David has the ability to bring any and every crowd to their knees with his humbling lyrical flow, soulful and undeniable singing voice, and the ability to rock out with the best of them!


David Sha, aka Dibidi, is an eclectic musical extremist that blurs the genre line by fusing Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Afro Rhythms, and Blues into one heavenly listening experience. He uses his deep southern spiritual background as a muse to create masterpieces that enlighten the mind, stir up the spirit, and elevate the consciousness of all generations. This Texas (Houston) wordsmith is committed to making his people (he who has ears let him hear) aware of the evils that exist in this world, and then he presents a positive outlook on all the surrounding negativity.

Trained under the legendary Bobby Bird, Sha’s voice has lead him through the church house and across many secular stages. Early in his career, he sang a duet with KC (of Jodeci) at the Sun Set Room in Hollywood and sang back up for James Debarge. He has also opened for favorites like Isley Brothers, Urban Mystic, Silk, Tank and performed at celebrity parties to include Shaq, P. Diddy and Chico Debarge.


Artificial O2

Written By: David Sha

Life in the bubble, every thing's laid out for you like premeditated joy and premeditated struggle
Dying in double time, but we're marching at half speed and still can't breath
Walking around with blind folds, eyeballs painted on them swearing that we're seeing the light, what you have is the illusion of sight
Cause the devil want you losing your sight, out of sight out of mind, used to move in the night
But now, a day walker, dealing dirty deeds in prime time, teleprompter feeding him lines so he can lie
Television dumbing us down so he can lie, forever speaking lies
but convincing the people he speaks truth is deception, the prince of the air so he gets the best reception
on every channel, he'll slaughter every vertebrate mammal including man, to get a few sheckles in hand
Masterful job, Massa was hard we call him fair, thank the gods that he gave us for air, mighty gracious to share, when I tell them let's blaze they stare, and ask "make a migration to where, what's better than here"
I get teased cuz i'm RBG, cuz I stopped eating swine, cuz my faith is in me
Cause I'm no longer a nigger, cause I parted the sea, these boys DOA from ignorance OD
Stuck in illogical matters, not knowing what the pattern is, truth is hard to swallow, dysfunctional mental pharynx
Could be the culprit, screaming from my larynx, levitate from babylon the never ending labyrinth


Beloved Perfection (Full Length Album), 2008
World Wide Collabo (Mixtape), 2009
Sha Gets Elevated (Mixtape), 2010
Ugly (Full Length Album), Coming Soon