David Shaw and The Beat

David Shaw and The Beat


With his new project "David Shaw and The Beat", the mancunian producer David Shaw (ex Siskid, and member of Blackstrobe) straddles the line between synth pop and slower indie disco sounds.
After releasing two great singles, announcing his debut album, he has just set up a new live show.


Hailing from Manchester, David Shaw’s musical flair was manifest from an early age. This has allowed him to evolve on the rock and electronic scene resulting in the creation of an original musical identity somewhere between techno and indie.

Since 2005, his releases under the pseudonym Siskid, « Clean Breakfast », « Hummer », « The Architect », and « She Has Reasonable Doubts » on Initial Cuts - thanks to which he has been invited to the prestigious festivals, Les Nuits Sonores, Sonar, Les Ardentes… - have conferred on him the status of resident DJ at renowned clubs including the Pulp and the Rex in Paris.

For three years, he was also the lead guitar, bass and keyboard artist during the live performances and recording sessions of the band Blackstrobe (Ivan Smagghe and Arnaud Rebotini). The outcome was the album « Burn your own Church », recorded in London with Paul Epworth, and released in 2009 on Beggars Banquet.

He then created his own imprint Meant Records, which released his Siskid electronic titles, « Wolves » (2009) and « Gun Stubs » (2010), and other projects, such as his rock band Animal Machine. After a few Siskid remixes (for Telepopmusik, Aswefall, Etienne Daho, Slove…) he has now moved on, and decided to perform under his name, David Shaw, with the release of two singles from his debut album on the brand new label, Her Majesty’s Ship.


2012/ David Shaw and The Beat - The Jackal EP - HMS002 (Her Majesty's Ship)
2012/ David Shaw and The Beat - Infected EP - HMS001 (Her Majesty's Ship)
2010/ Siskid - Gun Stubs EP - Meant 007 (Meant)
2009/ Siskid - Wolves EP - Meant 004 (Meant)
2009/ Animal Machine - Rumour Control EP - Meant002 (Meant)
2008/ Siskid - She Has Reasonable Doubts EP - Initial 023 (Initial Cuts)
2006/ Siskid - The Architect EP - Initial 017 (Initial Cuts)
2005/ Siskid - Hummer EP - Initial 014 (Initial Cuts)
2005/ Siskid - Clean Breakfast EP - Initial 010 (Initial Cuts)

« As David Shaw and The Beat »
2012/ Benjamin Paulin - Variations de Noir (AZ/Universal)
« As Siskid »
2011/ Slove - Flash (Pschent)
2011/ Jonny Cruz - Street Disco (My Favorite Robot)
2011/ Etienne Daho - Amoureux Solitaires (Polydor)
2010/ Aswefall - Fun Is Dead (Isolering)
2010/ Paris - The Cross Over (Ekler'o'shock)
2010/ We Are Enfant Terrible - Wild Child (Last Gang)
2009/ Telepopmusik - Ghost Girl (Green United Music)
2009/ Pimp Pomp Pump - Pimp's Love (Refuge Records)
2008/ Remain - Dependance (Meant)
2007/ Demon - Happy Therapy (Help Yourself Records)
2007/ Scratch Massive - Dance (Château Rouge)
2006/ Steph Highland - Powerman (Missive Music)

2012/ Remote feat. David Shaw - Billie Boy (upcoming)
2010/ Anything Maria - Cook Him Up (Produced and arranged by David Shaw)
2007/ Blackstrobe - Burn Your Own Church LP (Playlouder Records / Beggars)
2007/ Blackstrobe - Shining Bright Star EP (Playlouder Records / Beggars)