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David Silva

Elk Grove, California, United States

Elk Grove, California, United States
Folk Singer/Songwriter




"‘Moorpark Oasis’ is a look into a wise poet’s life, and one this writer won’t soon be forgetting."

David Silva sent me ‘Moorpark Oasis’ personally to review. I called him to let him know I received the package, and was excited to get to reviewing it. On the phone he was friendly and charming, just as I would expect a folksy, Americana singer to be. ‘Moorpark Oasis’ did not disappoint. While David Silva sings and plays guitar, he is accompanied by Scott Rodell, and Bradley Jon Sanders to make up the musicians on this recording. He’s based out of California, and you can find him easily online at www.daveworldonline.com.

The CD starts off on a strong note, a nod to the rockabilly sounds on the CD. ‘Guitars and Shady Ladies’ makes me wish I was hearing it live. I can imagine a crowded bar, drinking suds, and clapping along to this fun track. A favorite line being “there’s a song in that bottle of whiskey, and I’m gunna find it if it takes all night.” ‘Hal’s Train Song’ prominently features a banjo, and is written in a minor key. Dedicated to his friend Hal Wright who passed on and loved train’s, this is a worthy tribute. It makes this writer wish I was on the train sharing the journey of what sounds like a down trodden man. A strong effort on this track, easily one of my favorite tunes on this cd. ‘Traveling’ is another good song. I definitely hear some Johnny Cash in this gem. With all due respect to the man in black, however, David Silva’s vocals are better, and sweeter to the ear. The mix on this track is particularly strong. The only thing I wish to bring up as a possible change would be that I would have loved to hear some fiddle in this song, giving it another dimension in counter melody and possibly making the song sound a bit more country. ‘Coffee Shop’ is amazing on many levels. Lyrically, a very strong track. Another song in a minor key, he takes a chance with some instrumentation differences, and wins big. Catchy in its own right, it has been stuck in my head more than a few times since I’ve been listening to this CD. It has some flavors of perhaps Simon and Garfunkle, but at the same time, some of the instrumental breaks almost pays tribute to a flamenco guitar style, played in this spot by Scott Rodell. His words stay with me: “There’s the promise of the future Mixed with sorrow in your eyes We both know there’s no tomorrow And we both hate goodbyes”

‘September Bride’ is a sweet song written about his wife Kathy and their relationship. Obviously a strong one, they are about to celebrate their 28th anniversary on September 4th.

‘It Will All Be Perfect’ is a song that struck me on many levels. Silva tackles unknown territory by mixing a love song, from the lover’s point of view in an abusive relationship. I don’t know whether he was attempting to write from a woman’s perspective, but he does it eloquently in either case. The song is simple and delicate in structure with only a guitar, which adds to the hopeful yet sad sound needed to pull off this track. If I had to pick one track off this album that hit me emotionally, this would be it. I know there are many people out there who can relate to it. Brilliance personified on all levels.

The last two tracks are ‘Seafood at the Holiday Inn,’ another upbeat, almost rockabilly song, and ‘Life Is Good’, an overt country tune, with similar theme’s to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone.’ David Silva’s music is being played on many inde stations, not only this country, but especially in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. This is an obvious tribute to the quality of his songwriting, lyrics, and overall production value. The weaknesses are nil. As I stated, I had hoped for perhaps a violin in one track, but it in no way detracts from the CD as a whole. I would very much recommend Silva to any of my folk, or rockabilly friends. David Silva may not be poised to be selling out stadiums anytime soon, but he’s well on his way to becoming an established artist, pensive, hard working, and true. I sincerely hope he decides to come to Seattle soon, because I know many venues that would welcome him with open arms. ‘Moorpark Oasis’ is a look into a wise poet’s life, and one this writer won’t soon be forgetting. - Carlito's Music Reviews

"here are some great lyrics all the way through which are matched by some lovely bluesy/folky guitar licks which seem to be David’s trademark."

David has been musically active for pretty much 40 years – a child of the 60’s you can hear influences from Simon & Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen although David cites John Prine as his biggest musical influence. This CD features a backing band which compliments the music very well but David is mostly a solo artist and all the songs on the CD were written solely by the man himself.

The CD starts out with the lovely pacy “Guitars & Shady Ladies” which bounces along at a great pace. I enjoyed all the tracks on the CD but the other highlights for me were “Hal’s train song”, “Travelling” and “Coffee shop” – there are some great lyrics all the way through which are matched by some lovely bluesy/folky guitar licks which seem to be David’s trademark.

Although I did enjoy the CD I did notice that some of the chord progressions did feel a little old fashioned, or if you prefer, traditional! It all felt a little bit safe but that’s probably my jazz influence unfairly popping up!

Overall the sound was good, the band and David sounded fantastic and there’s some lovely catchy tunes on there that I’m sure I’ll be whistling for some time to come!

http://daveworldonline.com - Skope Mag

"CD Of The Year!!! World Class Songwriting"

Artist: David Silva
EP: Moorpark Oasis

Label: Independent Artist

Website: www.daveworldonline.com

Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Alternative, Blues, Rockabilly

Sounds Like: John Prine, Louden Wainright III, Lyle Lovett, David Allen Coe

Technical Grade:10/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10/10
Commercial Value: 10/10
Overall Talent Level: 10/10
Songwriting Skills: 10/10
Performance Skill: 10/10
Best Songs It will all be Perfect, September Bride, Blessings’

Weakness: None


When guitarist singer, songwriter David Silva left his home for fame & fortune in LA he moved into a building called Moorpark Oasis. While he was there he met & fell in love with his future wife, it was then that he earned enough to buy his first good guitar. It was also at this time he hit his stride as a songwriter. This is a collection of songs written by David over the years on a CD appropriately named Moorpark Oasis.

Logging in at over 34 minutes the CD kicks things off with “Guitar & Shady Ladies” a perfect intro piece that sets the stage perfectly for this catalogue with easy flowing rockabilly groove, with impressive guitar licks & clever vocals & lyrical content from Silva. Lyrics go “There’s a song in that bottle of whiskey, & I’m gonna’ find it if it takes all night” this is exactly what I’m taking about. Track 2 “Garlic” dishes out yet another sassy rockabilly ditty against bluesy-rock guitar rhythms, sizzling solo guitar work, & more clever lyrics & vocals from Silva. Just when you think you’ve got Silva pegged you eat your words with track 3 “Hal’s Train Song” This piece shifts gears with delicate guitar intro against soothing vocals & superstitious subject matter from Silva. As the CD slowly unfolds I can hear many different musical textures reminiscent of such classic acts such as John Prine, Louden Wainright III, Lyle Lovett. It’s got a humorous flair reminiscent of Hank Williams & David Allen Coe, & maybe Jimmy Buffett. The music itself is an impressive blend of classic Americana-folk with rockabilly blues. Silva’s voice goes down smooth & is full of honesty, passion & raw honesty. Silva definitely knows how to grab your attention with his music. He also brings to the table his clever lyrics, bold honesty, & amazing sense of humor. You will also catch brilliant flashes of amazing conventional wisdom that you can’t out a price tag on. Silva definitely a master songwriter, & makes the (singer to listener) connection every time via just a guitar & his life experiences. The songs themselves are short & sweet musical experiences, each one possessing unique personality, flair, & signature groove. You will also notice rich layers of instrumentation layered everywhere, conservative yet very effective at mixing things up musically. From dark ”Traveling” &” to songs with Spanish flair like “Coffee Shop” to upbeat “Seafood at the Holiday Inn" this CD has pretty much something for just about everyone. My personal favorites are “Blessings” & “September Bride” to songs that tell it like it is “It will all be “Perfect” there’s something entertaining waiting for you around every corner. The CD ends with “Life is Good” a perfect finale statement that ends things on a “goodbye” that can be describes as total jubilation.

Overall “Moorpark Oasis” by David Silva is one of the best CD's I've heard this year. At the end the David Silva brings so much to the table. His Playing, his singing, his world class song writing, his wisdom, his life experiences, his sense of humor, & yes his bold honesty. His music is rock solid. All the messages are passionate & are sung from a deeply honest perspective. The writing, playing abilities of Silva & his band are clearly above the bar, & I especially liked some of the fancy fretwork I heard on there as well. Like the aforementioned he is a musical triple threat, & clearly a premier talent within this particular genera. So if you like a classic Americana experience that will show Silva’s brilliant perspective of love, loss, & Life itself I highly recommend you jump head first into the Moorpark Oasis by David Silva as soon as possible. But be advised Dave’s been singing this song for 28 years now & he still doesn’t know what I want to be when he grows up.” - Indie Music Digest

"David Silva celebrates his not so perfect life. It’s fun with great guitar."

Moorpark Oasis might seem like a trailer park when you get through the first few songs. The instrumentation, by that I mean the band, is pretty good, largely using excellent, electric guitar on the breaks. Silva is an adequate singer and as a lyricist he likes to hang it all out there. If you read these lyrics spread out on cards on the floor you would miss

how polished and entertaining a bit of craziness can be. Somehow these songs work.

‘Guitars & Shady Ladies’ is an attempt at humor, devil may care attitude (okay, I have it too…), “ I want to go out naked, just the way I came…” ‘Garlic’ is one of those unexpected love songs, I think. ‘Hal’s Train Song’ is more on the folksong side with banjo paired with something with keys (accordion or organ), percussion and mandolin. ‘Traveling’ and ‘Coffee Shop’ are really quite interesting songs. ‘September Bride’ seems like something written in the midst of family changes, somewhat personal I suspect. ‘Blessings’ is right there in the John Prine tradition, “…every body in this world has had a hard life…” ‘It Will All Be Perfect’ is a poignant tune about that person who stays in a relationship “..please don’t hit me anymore…” This is nicely expressed, acoustic and somewhat hollow with reverb, plea. ‘Seafood at the Holiday Inn’ is going to meet your expectations and is my favorite.

David Silva celebrates his not so perfect life. It’s fun with great guitar. [J.W. McClure] - Victory Music

""Moorpark Oasis" is irrepressible and a unique blend of mirth and music with a feel good attitude."

David Silva graciously sent me a copy of his new CD "Moorpark Oasis" as an introduction to him and his music. The same day I received from Garrison Keillor's estate, "A Prairie Home Companion", the best of original live radio broadcasts. Both had a similar style and I saw David had been compared to Keillor. I watched the Smothers Brothers tape at Burbank in the 70's and it comes to mind after listening to "Guitars and Shady Ladies", David Silva is actually both of the brothers.

"Moorpark Oasis" is irrepressible and a unique blend of mirth and music with a feel good attitude.
A mixture of folk, rock, Americana, pop and country, deceptively simple, like his pointed lyrics, and his
easy vocal style adds a humorous edge that makes otherwise funny jokes downright hilarious. I enjoy
the cutting wit and irreverence combined with a positive forecast bringing humor to a usually straight
laced genre.
The instrumentals and solos remind me of JJ Cale, one of my more reclusive and humble friends. I feel right at home with tracks like
"Seafood at The Holiday Inn" and "Travelling". David sounds like he is running on Tulsa Time :) The guitar picking style on "Garlic" is as rockabilly as Carl Perkins
and reminds me of George Harrison's Chet style picking. The banjo treatment is well done and doesn't bring to mind bumperstickers that read, If You Hear Banjo
Music Run!

David is a fascinating storyteller in the same vein as Charlie Daniels my former boss. That is a rare talent and a great gift for a musician to be the whole package. You
both have a reputation as engaging showmen and approachable artists who earnestly appreciate their audience. The musicians are spot-clean, discrete and precise,
except when given the chance to go off on an improvisational jaunt. Those abilities will save you from ever playing Freebird, at least on purpose.

David's new found career as a songwriter/troubadour shows off his skills as a vocalist, songwriter and story-teller with plenty of funny one-liners. His acoustic guitar chops are impressive in a Paisley, Urban, Music Row style that plays big in Music City USA, and Elk Grove, California. I learned from David that eating a clove of garlic everyday keeps the vampires away. I noticed it seems to keep everyone away. I digress.

"Moorpark Oasis" has been on my CD player for a week and will remain until I hear something as good. David Silva placed high in my Sonicbids competition and he did it the hard way. He earned it! Catch him on a world tour in 2011 with gigs listed on his website at Dave World Online.

Merry Christmas David! I predict a prosperous and musical New Year for you my friend.

-Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale) - Tennessee Concerts

"This is an excellent CD full of bright, disarming songs."

"Moorpark Oasis"- David Silva

This is an excellent CD full of bright, disarming songs. Tracks like "Guitars and Shady Ladies" are completely honest and charming. These are ultimately songs from a truthful man who brings his life to us through his guitar. It is very smart and entertaining. Musically, the songs are very well constructed and tuneful. "Garlic" illustrates quirky characters he has met along the road of life. All the songs are permeated with an Americana/country/folk meandering. "Coffee Song" and "Hal's Train Song" are melancholy and minor, and bring in an accordian. Here his work is undeniably Springsteen-esque, painting vivid images of lonely nights and empty train stations. Silva's vocals are clear and emotional, and at times gleefully optimistic. His experience speaks volumes, and this recording carries much more weight than most of today's typical fare. A poignant, honest and completely enjoyable CD.
Grade: 9/10 - Nightwaves

"It’s clear from this opening track that Silva knows his genre and executes it well with a good dose of humor."

David Silva is a singer/songwriter who apparently met his wife in Los Angeles when he moved into a building called Moorpark Oasis. Over the years he compiled his songs and they eventually made their way onto this CD appropriately titled Moorpark Oasis. His website at www.daveworldonline.com has a bit of information but more can be found out about him by reading his interview with Indie Music Digest at www.indiemusicdigest.com.

Moorpark Oasis opens up with a track called “Guitars and Shady Ladies”. It’s clear from this opening track that Silva knows his genre and executes it well with a good dose of humor. The trend continues on the following track “Garlic” a great lyric delivered in Silva’s no-frills vocal style against an upbeat, simple rhythm section. The tracks “Hal’s Train Song” and “Travelling” show a more subdued and moody side of Silva and “Travelling” even seems to invoke a bit of Johnny Cash for me. Silva has put together a great collection of authentic folk tunes here and they showcase his ability to write and deliver some very clever and thoughtful lyrics. “Seafood at the Holiday Inn”, is an ode to the road trip dreamers everywhere and the album’s final track “Life is Good” provides a clever lyrical twist on the title. Silva has been compared to John Prine and I hear a little bit of John Denver at times.

Moorpark Oasis features some great guitar playing on both acoustics and electric, the latter delivering some great country twang and rockabilly licks. The rhythm section is simple and fits the support role for this style perfectly – not too busy, not too understated. The production is consistent and also stays out of the way of the music. It would be easy to overproduce an album like this and Silva does just what’s needed by keeping things simple and clear. The production matches the vibe and genre here quite well. If there’s anything missing from the songs it would be more memorable melodies. Silva has some great lyrical moments and delivers his lyrics with vocals that are simple and honest. The addition of stronger melodies could make some of these songs really stick with the listener to a greater degree but Silva gets his point across nonetheless. It would have been nice to see more about Silva himself via his website. There’s little depth of information there and more detail on the making of the CD would have been enjoyable as well. Still, this is a well-done album that delivers on all levels.

Fans of classic folk should love Moorpark Oasis. It’s authentic and Silva manages to keep his tongue firmly in cheek at times and not take himself too seriously. When he does shift towards more moody lyrics and arrangements it’s a welcome contrast and it’s all ultimately very enjoyable. Moorpark Oasis should be well-received and enjoyed by Silva’s fans and ought to garner him quite a few new fans as well. - Rock N Roll Review

"David is definitely different. He was not made by following rules. The beauty of this is that he is absolutely in a class of his own, and I really appreciate it."

"There are no artists on the assembly line."
The same day, I received David's CD, Moorpark Oasis.

Was it a coincidence?

David is definitely different. He was not made by following rules. The beauty of this is that he is absolutely in a class of his own, and I really appreciate it.

I'm reviewing the album of an artist who started in the 70's...We're in 2010. That's a lot of time. That's a lot of life.

It's all about, using David's very own words: "love, surrender, and garlic". Nothing can be more true.

I want to give you an overview (for the first time since I'm reviewer), song by song, of the characteristic sound I had the privilege to hear.

The tracklist goes as follows.

1.Guitars and shady ladies:
Country song. A rhythmic "pump", reminding me Django Reinhardt, gives the pace. Pretty driving and happy sounding. Many short changes and shifts. Great instrumentation and use of additional effects.

Very bluesy with bits of country. Mid-paced. Very nice guitar licks, reminding me Mark Knopfler. Tasty solo playing. Short but full song.

3.Hal's train song:
A nostalgic, softer atmosphere than the previous songs.Solid drum backbeat.Bluesy guitar licks with what I now call the "Silva's trademark": his fast tremolo picking. A delicate voice, always on pitch, as fluent as a spoken voice.

Well named song! The brushes on the snare drum give an impression of movement. Nice bass lines, underlining David's unmistakable guitar licks.

5.Coffee shop:
Again, the drive of the previous song is quieted by a mellow intro. Perfect guitar playing with a pure tone.Well crafted, flawless scale runs, always where and when they are expected(the listener will be delighted!)Climaxes built with very few raw material.Very good job.

6.September bride:
Slow-pace country, ballad.Really mellow, soothing. Some "doo-dooh's" instead of lyrics, momentarily.

Country-folk song.The orchestration reaches deep inside. There's a real artist-listener communication. Light yet tasty and bluesy guitar licks. Very personal phrasing, very enjoyable as it breaks the rules of the genre. Flawless low and high-range vocals.

8.It will all be perfect:
Light "pump" rhythm guitar, quite a lullaby. Somehow melancholic, but never dull.

9.Seafood at the Holiday Inn:
Energetic bass and drums, driving the song. Bursts of punchy vocals, always between sung and spoken (I call that "sprechgesang".) Again, tasty guitar licks!

10.Life is good (since you said goodbye):
Country-folk song. Joyful, full of hand claps. Excellent use of additional effects. Guitar burnt up and down! Even more enjoyable if listened louder than all of the other songs on the album.

I hope that you realize how rich and diverse this album is. It blew me away.

I confess that I am still singing some of David's songs under my shower two weeks after the first listen...
- The Muse's Muse

"Simply put - all songs are incredible."

The Artist I recently checked out the latest CD from singer/songwriter David Silva entitled Moorpark Oasis. Turns out there is an interesting story behind the actual title. Silva left his home many moons ago & headed west like many Americans over the decades - to peruse a dream. He ended up in a place called Moorpark Oasis.

The band Standard 4 piece line-up which includes Silva on guitar & vocals, Scott Rodell, & Bradley Jon Sanders as session players. I would say the band possesses above average to advanced rockabilly, folk & country paying abilities. You will find many impressive guitar licks along the way. Timing is spot on within the rockabilly, folk, R&B grooves. Silva can hold his own on the guitar & vocals, but more importantly Silva is a gifted storyteller with those 2 instruments. Vocals from Silva are executed perfectly, & in many ways the strongpoint part of the production. The music possesses a Bluesy, Rockabilly, Folk-ish type stigma. All in all great music to eat a Sunday morning brunch to. Definitely classic Americana feel that that is timeless & very emotional Music will remind you of classic John Prine with a touch of Jimmy Buffet & even Hank Williams. The songs Simply put - all songs are incredible. There’s nothing like a solid musical production to get wrapped around – & this is one of them. I kept waiting for a weak song to come down the pike - I eventually gave up on that. The vibe Overall very upbeat, positive, with amazing stories that possess incredible highs & lows. The CD has it’s shares of happy & sad moments. Simply put - very much like life itself this CD personifies life experience, with music that are 100% honest & pure . The production is professional grade from start to finish. There's not many songs you can listen to time & time again. Has a timeless feel to it. which is not an easy thing to achieve. Overall this CD is very marketable. The good Honorable mentions go out to the gifted songwriting & storytelling abilities of David Silva. This is the guy I would enjoy sitting next to on a long flight. For the record this CD will not go in the stack of other CD’s I’ve reviewed, instead it’s going in my truck. When I got done listening to this CD I wanted to listen to it all over again. Folks out there who enjoy Americana, Country, Blues, Folk & Even Rock that sounds in the vein of John Prine will fall head over heals with this CD. The bad Nothing to report. The ugly It’s ugly - how good this music is.

The verdict Moorpark Oasis by David Silva has everything: good playing, fancy picking, amazing songs, heart felt vocals, & music that covers all the bases – Country, R&B, Folk, Americana & Even Rock. All in all Moorpark Oasis has no weaknesses. The Bottom Line WARNING - If you listen to this CD – you run the risk falling in love with the music of David SIlva.

Markus Druery
Indieshark Music Critic
- Indie Shark

""Moorpark Oasis” is a rather glorious coming together of sharp wit, an obscene level of observation and engaging rockabilly melodies."

Album, Single and Download Reviews

Moorpark Oasis CD Cover
David Silva
Moorpark Oasis
No catalogue number
Released: 2010

Not many people know the name of David Silva. Or, specifically, this David Silva. But they ought to. Named after an area of LA to which he moved, “Moorpark Oasis” is a rather glorious coming together of sharp wit, an obscene level of observation and engaging rockabilly melodies. It’ll be a shame if this man ever has to pay for a drink again.

“Guitars and Shady Ladies” is an upbeat beginning, a delightful depiction of one man’s desires of women and success, and subsequent struggles of mind, while “Garlic” takes a ridiculous notion (namely, the excessive consumption of garlic) and makes it seem almost plausible.
“Traveling” and “Coffee Shop” takes on mournful tone replacing adroit humour with a sensible emotional approach. It’s a transition that seems appropriate and serves as further evidence of Silva’s lyrical guile.

It’s also worth noting that Silva is backed by just two other musicians (Scott Rodell and Bradley Jon Sanders) on this release - surprising considering the depths of the overall sound. Silva’s voice is certainly pleasant; a fair few miles shy of country and unaided by pretensions.“Blessings” is sung in sets of snappy sentences and timed to perfection, the words continually provoking a smile from the listener. Seemingly a man of some experience in life, Silva doesn’t seem the relenting kind, happy to say the words that others might hold back. Yet, he’s largely upbeat.

“It Will All Be Perfect” takes on a darker subject of domestic abuse, yet attempts to give answers instead of repeating questions. After all this, it only seems appropriate that the album should end on a track called “Life Is Good”. Laden with black humour, this throwback to the old-fashioned “man-versus-woman” country song will have the listener singing along heartily. At the risk of over-stressing the point, I’ll keep it concise. Good lyrics, good music, good voice. Go find this album. To ignore this suggestion is to lose out. Don’t lose out on this - Blues Bunny

"just a guy and his guitar and a wealth of life experience delivered with a twist of wit and a mischievous grin."

David Silva - Moorpark Oasis
2010, Moorpark Song

David Silva was on a path to a career in music in 1985 when he became a father and his priorities changed. Living in New York City at the time, Silva returned to his native California with his burgeoning family and pursued the American dream. Twenty years later Silva heard the call, and pulled his guitar out to play. He hasn't looked back, playing at numerous venues in northern California over the past five years. Now comes Moorpark Oasis; Silva's debut album is a collection of songs he's written over the years. Silva's songwriting style and smooth delivery have garnered him comparisons to artists such as John Prine, Lyle Lovett and Loudon Wainwright III.

Moorpark Oasis opens with “Guitars & Shady Ladies”, Silva’s take on the good life. The song is entertaining, autobiographical and funny; a look at how he got to where he is in life. The song is catchy with a great melody. “Garlic” looks back on a relationship past with longing and regret. It’s a paean to the little things we carry away from us, and the things that can touch our lives even years later. “Coffee Shop” is a love song full of deep experience and emotion. Silva’s arrangement is haunting and lovely. “September Bride” is a wonderfully descriptive vignette, almost a Rockwellian perspective in music. Silva’s words craft images that live in your mind. “Blessing” is a song about the gifts that fill our lives, many of which we never realize. “It Will All Be Perfect” offers the stark perspective of one in an abusive relationship. The song is a bit unsettling in its honesty and well written. Silva closes with “Life Is Good”, the celebration of the end of a relationship where she tried to change him. The song is funny and entertaining, turning anger into comedic commentary.

David Silva combines humor and honesty on Moorpark Oasis, wrapping them up in catchy and memorable folk arrangements. Silva entertains without histrionics or flash; just a guy and his guitar and a wealth of life experience delivered with a twist of wit and a mischievous grin. Moorpark Oasis comes with high recommendations. - Wildy's World

"A Great record with a strong heart"

David Silva
Moorpark Oasis


Wednesday 6th of October 2010

Record Review

By Beckie A

Here we have David Silva with his new album Moorpark Oasis which is a wonderful array of Americana.

Beginning proceedings is 'Guitars and Shady Ladies' - an amusing yet bouncy tune. This is a good opener and brings hope for the rest of the LP.

Next up we have 'Garlic' which is stripped back to its roots with a casual folk influence. The lyrics are charming and witty which adds appeal to the song.

The moody grains of 'Hal's Train Song' has a country and western approach. The overall sound is different to the previous two songs but the edgier turn works well for David.

'Traveling' sits well as the middle point for this record. It's not the best track from David but it passes the time nicely.

Keeping to the edgier persona 'Coffee Shop' sees the more serious side of David but etched with an angelic sound. The music is more emotional in this track with captivating guitar moments throughout.

Bell chimes open 'September Bride' which sees a floral tune with subtle brightness. This is a timid song compared to it's predecessors' but it's still a pleasant listen thanks to the story.

'Blessings' flows effortlessly into 'It Will All Be Perfect' which are both pleasant enough tracks. Then the pace picks up and David's bouncy humour reappears in 'Seafood at the Holiday Inn'. This is driving music on a sunny day and oozes American road trip.

'Life Is Good' closes this record just like the way it began, fun and catchy. The electric guitar adds a spark and David's vocals are on top form.

Moorpark Oasis is a great record with a strong heart. There is a good mix of upbeat tunes and more thoughtful songs, which breaks up the album into sections and provides good contrast. - The Mag-UK

"We need more voices like his"

Music Monday - David Silva
Submitted by Aldon Hynes on Mon, 09/13/2010 - 15:01

What I like best about David Silva is that he is a story teller. His song, Guitar's And Shady Ladies starts off

I wrote a song while watching a movie starring Marilyn Monroe
I wrote a poem with my feet in a river that flowed into Mexico
I wrote a tune once on an airplane, but I've forgotten how it goes
And there's a song in that bottle of whisky
And I'm going to find it if it takes all night

Well, it seems like he's spent many a night with that bottle of whisky, since he's found many great songs. Whether it be a song about an old girl friend that put garlic in her peanut butter or a song from the view of a battered wife,

Dinner's almost ready, I got your love songs playing too
I got the flowers that you sent, that was a loving thing to do
The pictures are all straightened; clean sheets are on the bed
As I close my eyes and think about the better times ahead
In just a couple minutes you'll be coming through the door
And it will all be perfect baby, please don't hit me any more

Yet in all of these songs of hard lives, there remains hope. His song Blessings captures it nicely:

Everybody on this world has had a hard life
A life that they begin and end alone
Everybody needs a friend, every now and then
Everybody has more blessings than they know

So David Silva continues singing his songs. His album Moorpark Oasis gets some airtime every now and then on WCNI and WWUH here in Connecticut.

Returning back to his song Guitar's And Shady Ladies, he has this section:

And now I'm almost 51 and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up
If I grow up
I'm not growing up
I'm singing this song for 26 years and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Well, I'm 51 now and some would question if I ever grew up or what I'll be if I do grow up. One thing is clear, I'll be a fan of David Silva. He writes some good music about good people in hard lives. We need to hear more voices like his. - Orient Lodge

"A hidden gem. 10 on a scale of 1-10"

by David Silva
Reviewd by Joel Pirard

Right off the bat, the opening track, GUITARS & SHADY LADIES opens up with an interesting guitar pattern, and great lyrics, tells the story straight, with humor. I really like this tune A LOT. Great harpsichord in it as well. A bouncy, up-tempo number. Recorded crisp, clear, by Scott Rodell, Mastered by Robin Farrell.

There is a bit of country-western on the next tune, GARLIC, Again this CD is produced so well, Silva has a pleasant voice, a wit to his lyrics.

HAL’S TRAIN SONG features some nice banjo playing, , a bit more of a haunting, down-beat tune, still, the tune is driving, and it is a great lost love ballad. A mention of the musicians is needed here.

David Silva, Scott Rodell and, Bradley John Sanders are the musicians on this. I would suspect they wore different hats as needed. All great. I cannot say more how mush I love the arrangements, the production, the wit, the melodies. This album is a MUST HAVE.

WHY these people are not on major distribution is beyond me. Another fun tune, TRAVELING follows, but tone that stands out for me again is COFFEE SHOP with a great woodwind arrangement, augmented by strings, this is a more introspective tune, very Beatlesque. Excellent guitar work as well.

SEPTEMBER BRIDE is a also so catchy you will be singing the ‘do-d0-do’s along from the get-go. Lyrically, the images are reminiscent of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, I could hear them singing this EASILY.

BLESSINGS continues in this genre, also a little of Dylan, McCartney, influence also. SWEET! IT WILL ALL BE PERFECT is a simple, guitar-voice solo piece, poignant, sad, and POWERFUL in its’ subject matter. Sad song, but SO well done. SEAFOOD AT THE HOLIDAY INN is a song about the road, having fun on the way, some great mandolin playing, a bit of bluegrass, and country together, stitched in a fine pattern, all about travelling, and ultimately finding a home. Silva is a great story teller.

The final track is LIFE IS GOOD with great country western guitar, a funny, good-bye to you girl song! Sardonic, humorous, sarcastic, and fun. I could see a roomful of people singing along to this one. Fun, tongue-in-cheek, but well done.

Song Samples from the CD
All song samples are from David Silva's page on CD Baby.

/ Guitars and Shady Ladies / Garlic / Hal's Train Song / Traveling / Coffee Shop / September Bride / Blessings / It Will All Be Perfect / Seafood At the Holiday Inn / Life Is Good /


Conclusion: this is a hidden gem It is worth a 10 on a scale of 1-10
GET IT! www.daeworldline.com and www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidsilva for info.
Joel Pirard ...EvO:R Reviewer.
- EvO:R


Still working on that hot first release.



When guitarist singer, songwriter David Silva left his home for fame & fortune he moved to Los Angeles & eventually settled into an apartment complex called Moorpark Oasis. While he was there he fell in love with his future wife Kathy & earned enough money to buy his first really good guitar - a Taylor 810. It wasn’t too long after that Silva began writing music on napkins. In a recent interview Silva claims his musical career actually started in a restaurant. ”I actually wrote the song Life is Good on a napkin in some Korean restaurant that had exceptionally slow service in Rancho Cordova, CA. Indeed Silva’s gifted storytelling abilities coupled with his charm, wit & tongue & cheek humor make him the infectious artists he is today. Today Silva’s music can be heard in over 27 states, 5 countries & hundreds of radio stations all around the country.

Moorpark Oasis was Silva’s long anticipated debut statement released in 2010 & has been described as a timeless collection of music written over a span of a decade. The CD received critical acclaim from many prominent music critics both in the USA & abroad including CD OF THE YEAR for 2010 (Indie Music Digest) & "top 25 Indie CD’s of all time” Syndicated Music Critic & producer Cyrus Rhodes called Moorpark Oasis “one of the best CD's I've heard this year. At the end of the day David Silva brings so much to the table it's just dangerous. His playing, his singing, his world class song writing, his wisdom, his bold honesty, his sense of humor, & yes his amazing life experience.” The music of David Silva has been compared to the likes of Charlie Daniels, John Prine, Lyle Lovett & even Simon & Garfunkel. But Silva is one artist that transcends all the typical pigeonholing by simply being David Silva.

"David is a fascinating storyteller in the same vein as Charlie Daniels my former boss" - Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band)

“If the songs touch them, either to put them in an emotionally better place or perhaps causes them to look at something in a different way then they had been comfortable doing I will consider it a job well done” – David Silva


INDIE MUSIC DIGEST – 2010 CD of the year
EVOR – “one of the 25 greatest Indie CD's ever”
MUSES MUSE – “it blew me away”
NIGHTWAVES – “excellent CD”
VICTORY MUSIC – “perfect”
INDIESHARK “has no weaknesses”
WILDY'S WORLD - "a wealth of life”
ROCK N’ ROLL VIEW – “enjoyable”
BLUESBUNNY – “delightful”
TENNESSEE CONCERTS – "a fascinating storyteller”
THE MAG – “one great record”

NOTE - All reviews can be read in their entirety on - http://www.daveworldonline.com/

The music of David Silva is perfect for any Film Producer or Movie Music Supervisor who might be searching for Classic Folk or Americana music to "synch" into Movies, Feature Films, or even TV productions. If you are interested please contact Silva's agent Cyrus Rhodes of KATAVI ARTS for more information.

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