David Sperring

David Sperring


Simple. Heartfelt. Acoustic. These 3 words are brought together in an astounding way in David's songs. In his short 22 years, he has learned that life is not always as it seems. There is JOY. There is PAIN. There is HOPE. He doesn't just show you the "pretty" parts of life. He shows it all. Enjoy.


David Sperring is a twenty-two year old singer/songwriter from Haverhill, MA. With personal, heartfelt lyrics and his own blend of Folk and Indie, he shows you parts of his heart that many people would tend to shy away from displaying for the whole world to see. The honesty and transparency that can be found in his music is astonishing. These mellow tunes carry with them a passionate and sometimes heart-wrenching reality that anyone can connect with. Rest assured that you'll be tapping your foot and humming these tunes days after hearing them, and you'll keep coming back for more.


How the Story Ends

Written By: David Sperring

Follow me down to the shore. We’ll take out grandpa’s boat and paddle clear over to the other side. Maybe there will be a place where we can sit and sing our songs for money. We’ll take the trip across this ocean together. Neither one of us should have to bear the weight of our sorry souls. There will be rest. Oh, there will be laughter and singing as long as we’re rowing. Please don’t rock; please don’t stand. Very soon we will be safe on dry land, and if you’re scared I’ll hold your hand till we’re there. I’ll never let go of you. So don’t follow me too closely, cause I don’t know quite where I am going. Well, maybe this time we’ll find love again, but as for now I don’t know how this story ends. Pick a scent; pick a shirt; pick a song – I don’t care. Just promise me that you’ll always remember that boy who took your breath away and flew you to the moon, and if there’s any doubt inside your mind just know that I won’t stop loving you.

Wind and Rain

Written By: David Sperring

Sunday afternoons never seemed quite this stormy. The trees whispered to me their secrets and all your stories. And when I asked you if you’d stay, you just told me, “please, don’t look at me that way.” Your tears will lead you home, and the wind and rain will keep you company. Cause I’m gone; I’m gone for good. Yesterday we thought that we knew what our lives were all about, but now today we’re living with those consequences that we chose. But I won’t forget that time or the way you made me feel inside.


Written By: David Sperring

One more day marks the new beginning of another year I’ll waste on memories of you. Please don’t take anymore of my time. I just want to sleep. Four thousand miles of ocean can’t take away the pain I thought I’d left so far behind, but I was mistaken. I was so sure, but you were so cold. Be honest, won’t you please just tell me that it’s over? Say it like you mean it. We both knew that someday it would come to this if we let all these moments fade away. The bluest skies could never overtake the way you used to look at me. You were too beautiful for words, but every single promise made fell apart. So pretend that I was never here. Don’t you worry; I’m never coming back. You were never the type of girl to figure out exactly what she wanted. You needed more than anything I could ever give to you.


Demo 2006