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Desert Flood

Written By: David Strahan

Shouldn't take much to make you happy
if you're always feeling blue
Things you heard when you were just a kid
have the strongest effect on you

Look at pictures they can show you
see the person you'll become
For awhile there wasn't any change
once it started it was all or none

And the door was always open
but the words were never sung
Everybody was pretending
that you were the one -
you were the one

Everybody's going to know
who you've been talking to
Everybody's going to think they know
something about you

You can say it's in your head
you can say it's in your blood
They have warned you to beware
like a flower in the desert in a flood.


Mr Moon

Written By: David Strahan

Mr Moon is singing you to sleep
ringing round the stars tonight
Mr Moon says the time is come
rest your head turn out the light

Little man the day is winding down
and the moon is on the rise
pretty soon you'll be waking up to see
sun again in your eyes


Everywhere critters go to sleep
tucked in at their mother's side
I'm pretty sure they're just like you and me
we're all a part of life


I hope you've had a lovely day
full of laughs and smiles
tomorrow will be just the same
In a little while...